RELEASE: The first China Challenge by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping held successfully in the Changping district

-The first China Challenge by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping held successfully in Changping District, Beijing.

RELEASE: The first China Challenge by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping held successfully in the Changping district

-The first China Challenge by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping held successfully in Changping District, Beijing

BEIJING, June 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The First Chinaby La Vuelta Challenge - Beijing Changping was successfully held in Changping District, Beijing on June 17 and 18. More than 1,700 professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Changping District to enjoy the passion of sports and experience the deep cultural heritage of the district's humanistic charm amid lucid waters and lush mountains.

The First China Challenge by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping with the theme of Cycling and Encounter aimed to seamlessly connect people, cycling and daily life. It organically combined elements of cycling events, cultural tourism, and local cuisine to create an integrated experience of the mix of sports and tourism, the mix of sports and culture, and the mix of sports and leisure.

This event attracted nearly 1,700 participants, including more than 50 foreign athletes from 15 countries and regions, as well as nearly 200 athletes from cities other than Beijing. The event included four distinctive races: Criterium, Team Time Trial, Family Fun Ride and Road Race, catering to the diverse needs of different participants. Criterium, Team Time Trial, and Family Fun Ride took place on June 17, beginning and ending at the Science City of the Future. These races followed the route around the Science City of the Future, integrating the concept of healthy, green and low-carbon living advocated by the City of Sciences Valley of Energy and Valley of Life Sciences. Sciences of the Future with cycling. This allowed athletes and cycling enthusiasts from various countries to experience the unique charm of Changping's innovative development and its status as a city of the future.

The Road Race held on June 18 covered a total distance of 102.5 kilometers, including a 7-kilometre honorary race and a 95.5-kilometre competitive race. The route passed attractions such as Ming Tombs Reservoir, Ming Tombs, Strawberry Expo Park and Jingzhihu Resort, which enhanced the cycling experience for participants by showcasing the combination of ancient and modern heritage and connecting historical and cultural landmarks. with the natural landscapes along the route.

The cycling route located in the city of Yanshou offered a challenging long-distance segment with a high drop of 25.9 kilometers. Regarded as a legend in the hearts of cycling enthusiasts, it is a must-visit destination for cyclists in Beijing and even in the northern region of China. It is also known as a benchmark for testing the skills of cycling enthusiasts. With winding mountain roads, serene villages, and refreshing flora, cyclists can ascend the mountain road while enjoying the picturesque and breathtaking scenery.

To unleash the group effect of the event, the organizers used the advantageous resources along the race route and created a cycling, travel, food and entertainment map. This map recommended unique restaurants, hotels, homestays, and attractions along the route, blending cycling with tourism to create a distinctive cycling culture. The event venue also brought together sports and lifestyle manufacturers and retailers to create a comprehensive ecosystem of outdoor fashion consumers. In addition, there were food markets and DJ performances, enriching the event with a diverse range of activities.

Last year, Changping County used the combination of cultural tourism and cycling as a key approach and designed 12 themed cycling routes, which showed the political superiority and practical application of green travel concepts. Through the empowerment of new formats and the creation of new scenes, Changping District continuously enhanced its appeal of cultural tourism and cycling experiences.

As an important area for the construction of the international communication center of Beijing, China Challenge by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping served as a significant attempt by Changping District to establish itself as an international sports destination. Taking advantage of its abundant natural and cultural resources and taking advantage of the influence of the internationally recognized sporting event, Changping County aimed to transform the advantages of regional resources into development strengths. The event also promoted the concepts of green travel, low-carbon living and healthy exercise, leading the way to a greener lifestyle and showcasing the beauty and development of Changping, creating an impressive city image for the district and attracting cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. the country and even the world to ride a bicycle in Changping District.

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