RELEASE: VAPORESSO Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary With Radiant Inno Dream Carnival

SHENZHEN, China, Aug.

RELEASE: VAPORESSO Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary With Radiant Inno Dream Carnival

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- VAPORESSO, a leading brand in the vaping industry, is preparing to launch its 8th anniversary online event, the Radiant Inno Dream Carnival, with the theme "Innovating Brilliantly, Forging Dreams". Beyond". This event aims to celebrate eight years of success for the brand and express gratitude to its loyal customers and consumers who have accompanied them throughout the entire journey.

The Radiant Inno Dream Carnival will kick off on August 18 with the release of a video featuring innovative dream chasers sharing their inspiring stories. VAPORESSO has invited six outstanding young representatives from various fields from the UK, US and France to share their VAPORESSO stories and their unique understanding of innovation and the pursuit of dreams. This video aims to explore the close link between the VAPORESSO brand and innovation, dreams, as well as the determination and efforts shown on the path of pursuing dreams.

In addition, users are encouraged to share the joy of VAPORESSO's 8th anniversary and participate in the Wishful Skies Draw, which will be held from August 18 to September 18, 2023. With the motto "Catch a plane, conquer a dream" , the interactive online game uses the paper airplane as its key element. The paper plane symbolizes the pursuit of hopeful wishes. Through the game, VAPORESSO aims to listen to the dreams of consumers and share the rewards and joys that come along the path of chasing dreams.

Participants in the game will have the opportunity to win generous prizes. Meanwhile, VAPORESSO will also launch various giveaway activities on its official website, discounts on e-commerce platforms, and giveaways on social media to express its appreciation for the continued support of its customers and consumers.

VAPORESSO is known for its brand DNA, which revolves around three fundamental elements: innovation, reliability and style. This year, the brand has introduced a number of innovative products and has embarked on initiatives that cross borders to consolidate its position as a pioneer in the sector. These actions reflect VAPORESSO's unwavering commitment to innovation and the pursuit of dreams.


Founded in 2015, VAPORESSO is committed to creating a smoke-free world and improving the quality of life for its users. Through continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, VAPORESSO manufactures products to suit all levels and styles of vapers.

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