RELEASE: WebAds Spain closes 2023 with a growth of 73% compared to 2022

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: WebAds Spain closes 2023 with a growth of 73% compared to 2022

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 6, 2024.-

WebAds Spain closes the 2023 financial year, its fourteenth year, with record figures both in billing that reached a growth of 73% compared to 2022, the year in which it already experienced its greatest growth, and in profitability, growing more than double again

In this way, WebAds Interactive S.L., after fourteen years in Spain, closing each year positively and with continuous growth year after year, is consolidated as one of the most solid online advertising companies in Spain and one of the references for any media agency. in both national and international planning. The continuous growth of the Tourism Industry continues to play a very important role in the growth experienced by WebAds Spain since its birth in 2009, thanks to its specialization in International Campaigns, mainly Tourism. Clients such as Promperú, Turismo de Andorra, Turismo de Madrid (City Hall), Turismo de Madrid (Community), Promotur Turismo de Canarias, Turismo de Andalucía, Turismo de Asturias, Iberia and many others who have been entrusting their international campaigns to WebAds España for more than a decade, they have grown and continue to grow internationally both in number of campaigns and budgets. In addition to the growth in international campaigns, it is worth highlighting the growth in national campaigns such as Social Media, Performance, Branding, both in video and display, where WebAds continues being a benchmark for the good service and results of each and every one of its campaigns. In the words of Nacho Ruiz Lorente, Managing Partner of WebAds Spain: "Despite having this great growth, what we value most is our continuity year after year , there are fewer and fewer companies with 14 years in a sector like the Internet that reinvents itself every day. WebAds Spain has been the little sister of the group, since WebAds Italia has 20 years and WebAds Holland 26; We have gone from being a consolidated company in the Online Advertising Sector in Europe to writing, day by day, part of the history of digital advertising in Spain, Europe and the World from the 90s until now."

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