RELEASE: Why take advantage of the support of a coach?, by 3eye

Alicante, February 13, 2024.

RELEASE: Why take advantage of the support of a coach?, by 3eye

Alicante, February 13, 2024

Having a healthy and full life involves a series of habits, tools and tricks that are effective in speeding up the process. An excellent way to know and implement these habits and tricks is through the support of an expert coach in physical, emotional and spiritual improvement. 3eye, a brand specialized in well-being and growth, offers a psychotherapy and coaching service for any individual seeking to unleash their greatest potential and achieve a good healthy state. This service is provided in a 100% individual and personalized manner by a professional with years of experience in the area.

The coach is a professional who studies and practices coaching, a method focused on providing support and teaching to an individual or group of people. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a coach is having and feeling constant support in achieving personal goals and aspirations. This support acts as a motivating factor that increasingly drives the individual to continue with their habits, studies, exercises and important daily tasks. Another advantage of the support of a coach is the knowledge that this type of professionals have for the correct definition of goals. Likewise, he has experience in identifying and changing mental barriers generated from customs, cultures and traditional or uninstructive teachings. A coach also acts as an essential human resource to organize and clarify ideas, vindicate proposed objectives, obtain feedback and grow exponentially in specific areas.

3eye's psychotherapy and coaching service is made up of a kit of solutions designed to enhance the professional and personal growth of an individual. This growth involves the elimination of mental blocks and limiting thoughts. Likewise, it includes the development of effective habits and systems to achieve significant progress in the long term. Among 3eye's most popular solutions related to coaching and psychotherapy are fitness solutions (weight loss, body weight training, aesthetic improvement, etc.). In addition to this, the company offers solutions to prevent, strengthen and treat osteoporosis comprehensively with various exercises. In addition to this, it provides support for solving problems in any area through different phases including discovery, reorientation and restoration of balance. 3eye also helps its contractors develop key self-healing skills so they can treat and overcome physical, mental and emotional problems more effectively.

The support of a coach like Mel, founder and leader of 3eye, is essential to achieve goals and desires more quickly and accurately. This entrepreneur and businesswoman works on all aspects of an individual's life (physical, psychological, emotional, personal, professional, etc.) to help them achieve well-being and correct comprehensive change.

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