RELEASE:The DEH Online solution that manages digital certificates, free for SMEs in A Coruña

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE:The DEH Online solution that manages digital certificates, free for SMEs in A Coruña

(Information sent by the signatory company)

A Coruña, February 20

Certibox is the DEH Online tool that allows you to immediately and securely process digital certificates for any company. Through professional advice and offices, more than 20,000 SMEs located in this province will be able to access this service at no cost.

DEH Online, the leading company in digital transformation of property consultancy and administration, lands in A Coruña to offer a revolutionary service to the more than 20,000 SMEs that are located in this province. Completely free of charge, DEH Online will offer all these companies the possibility of implementing Certibox, a unique solution that allows digital certificates of any type of business to be safely stored in the cloud. In addition, it offers the management and monitoring of electronic notifications, the immediate issuance of new certificates in an agile way and without travel thanks to video identification and their automatic renewal. Through consultancy and professional offices, all SMEs in A Coruña will be able to reliably manage their digital certificates, which are the equivalent of an official identification document and, therefore, necessary for hundreds of procedures with Public Administrations."Having Certibox means being able to guarantee storage and management security. of an issue as delicate and susceptible to fraud as digital certificates," comments Manuel Galán, general director of DEH Online. "In addition, thanks to its complementary functions, no relevant notification goes unnoticed, and a digital certificate with provisional CIF can even be issued, as long as a deed of incorporation and appointment that is less than 30 days old is presented," he adds. Digital Solutions for the large Spanish business community DEH Online is a company with more than 12 years of experience in the development of innovative digital solutions to facilitate the business of the more than 4.7 million SMEs and communities of owners registered in Spain, and of the more than 3.3 million active self-employed workers in Spain, a large and poorly digitized market. These professional entities manage increasingly complex and changing businesses, which is why interaction with Public Administrations has become more recurrent and crucial than ever, increasing the demand for digital solutions that simplify and streamline these processes. In this context, DEH Online, an expert in the digital needs of SMEs, has adapted its offer with technological solutions that offer automated, secure digital services that guarantee the privacy of information. DEH Online's product offering ranges from centralization and monitoring of digital certificates and electronic notifications of more than 10,000 Public Administrations, until the implementation of regulations such as the RGPD, the PRL and the CAE. Furthermore, in 2023 the company launched the first marketplace of services for SMEs in Spain, an innovative technological platform that allows connecting SMEs, communities of owners and self-employed workers with a wide range of services that solve their daily problems, through of professional offices and property managers.

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