STATEMENT: 75% of young Spaniards confess that the January slope affects their mental health

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: 75% of young Spaniards confess that the January slope affects their mental health

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 17

A study carried out by Miravia in collaboration with Alpha Research confirms that 66% of young people suffer or have suffered anxiety during the beginning of the year

The month of January represents a challenge for young people. The so-called "January cost" is a difficult time not only for consumers' pockets, but also for their mental health, especially for new generations. However, this can be a moment of change, an opportunity for self-care and personal development. According to a study carried out by Miravia, the new e-commerce model that connects brands, consumers and content creators in the same space digitally, 75% of Spaniards under 35 years of age confess that the 'January cost' affects their mental health. This feeling intensifies especially among the youngest, between 18 and 25 years old (where the percentage rises to 78%) and more in women than in men (78%). This social reality after the Christmas period causes consumers a feeling of stress and worry that ends up manifesting in changes in their mental health in 48% of cases. Specifically, 66% of young Spaniards suffer or have at some point suffered anxiety as a result of the financial worries of the so-called January slope. Furthermore, 40% of young people say that these types of concerns affect their personal and professional relationships. Worry about your future and not being able to save. This feeling not only manifests itself during the first weeks of the new year, traditionally marked by spending and economic pressure, but for 22% this is a feeling that even has a lasting impact on your long-term mental health. Spaniards say they feel special concern about the future (36%) and greater financial stress (31%) at this time. From a more financial point of view, 35% of young people say they feel nervous about the impossibility of saving money and 34% feel worried about the additional expenses they must assume at this time. 24% also say they fear the need to adjust their lifestyle to the ever-shrinking budget. Young people remain optimistic Young Spaniards are clear about their need to deal with this moment they face: 25% of young people say feel motivated to start a new year and face new challenges. In this sense, psychiatrist and writer Rosa Molina emphasizes the importance of remaining optimistic and extracting the positive side of this new beginning: "It is important to maintain a realistic optimism that focuses the person on what they can control through their own actions and decisions; in establishing new achievable goals and taking care of yourself," he says. Many young people see the January slope as an opportunity to gain experiences and learning, in this sense, they believe that some good practices for these dates are: setting realistic goals (45%), focusing on finding solutions, not on problems (41% ) and focus on what you can control (41%).

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