STATEMENT: Airzone and the University of Malaga reveal impressive results in energy efficiency

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Airzone and the University of Malaga reveal impressive results in energy efficiency

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Malaga, December 20, 2023.

Aplus Group, leader in air conditioning installations and proud official installer of Airzone, reveals the shocking results of a study by Airzone in conjunction with the University of Malaga on the Airzone zoning model and its comparison with a non-zoned system

In an innovative collaboration, Airzone, a leader in zoning solutions for air conditioning, reveals the outstanding results of a study in conjunction with the University of Malaga. The report, owned by Airzone, presents a novel approach to energy efficiency and thermal comfort, highlighting the success of zoned air conditioning technology in optimizing energy consumption, both in heating and cooling.Energy efficiency and thermal comfort The research , led by air conditioning experts from the University of Malaga, focused on Airzone's advanced zoning technology, implemented and supported by Grupo Aplus. This system allows independent air conditioning of different areas in a home, significantly improving the thermal comfort of residents. Zoned climate control not only provides precise temperature control in different areas, but is also integrated with an intelligent management system, allowing dynamic adaptation to environmental conditions and usage patterns, offering a unique and personalized experience. Revealing results Through interviews with residents and detailed measurements, we examine how the implementation of this technology has transformed the living experience in terms of thermal comfort and energy efficiency. The results of the case study, carried out in simulated homes in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​revealed that zoned air conditioning systems considerably outperformed non-zoned systems in terms of energy consumption and thermal comfort. In heating, energy savings of up to 42% were recorded compared to non-zoned systems, while in cooling, it reached 30%. With the application of the Eco-Adapt algorithm, savings of 56-64% in heating and 24-37% in cooling are achieved. This focus on practical application offers valuable insight for homeowners and communities seeking effective and sustainable solutions. Economic and Environmental Impact In addition to providing personalized thermal comfort, the application of zoned systems has a significant impact on environmental sustainability. Lower energy consumption directly translates into substantial long-term economic savings, consolidating the position of Airzone technology, supported by Grupo Aplus, as a smart and profitable investment. Commitment to innovation Airzone reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainability , leading the way towards more efficient energy solutions. The fruitful collaboration with the University of Malaga demonstrates Airzone's ability to promote research and apply cutting-edge technologies that transform the way energy challenges are faced. Grupo Aplus, strategic ally Grupo Aplus, as official installer of Airzone, celebrates this initiative joint and promoted by the University of Malaga, which not only benefits the industry, but also resonates with consumers, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable practices, both environmentally and economically. With a focus dedicated to excellence in air conditioning, Grupo Aplus reinforces its commitment to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies that transform daily life and promote a more sustainable future.

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