STATEMENT: Anviz launches the new generation of access control solutions based on OSDP

-Anviz launches the new generation of OSDP-based access control solutions, setting new standards in the industry.

STATEMENT: Anviz launches the new generation of access control solutions based on OSDP

-Anviz launches the new generation of OSDP-based access control solutions, setting new standards in the industry

UNION CITY, Calif., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Anviz, an industry leader in intelligent, professional and converged security solutions, has announced the launch of its next generation access control solutions based on Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). The two new offerings - the SAC921 single door access controller and the C2KA-OSDP RFID keypad reader - are future-proof systems packed with cutting-edge technology and smart features. Both solutions seek to ensure the safety and peace of mind of customers, providing a comprehensive security solution for today's modern world.

"Increasing concerns about the security of personal data have raised awareness of the importance of digital security in recent years, which is expected to drive significant changes in security standards for data storage and transfer," said Felix, Product Manager at Anviz, adding: "With the aim of leading the transformation of personal data protection, we have launched our latest OSDP-based solutions, equipped with tailor-made functions for companies looking for control systems We also believe that SIA OSDP, the most recognized standard for access control systems, will play a key role in addressing security concerns by enabling manufacturers to offer enhanced security options with various functionalities to users around the world."

SAC921 One Door Access Controller

SAC921 is a PoE powered access control system that offers great flexibility and simplicity with a wider range of access control interfaces supporting alarm input, perimeter security and device control. The SAC921 provides a revolutionary upgrade to traditional Wiegand-based access control systems, significantly streamlining device operations while offering enhanced security features and greater third-party compatibility.

Thanks to the adoption of PoE, OSDP and integrated management software, the installation of the SAC921 is easier and more cost-effective. Through Anviz's CrossChex remote control system, users can also access a more comprehensive set of security options, such as staff identity verification, access control, and time attendance management system, enabling that ensures powerful and customizable security capabilities.

C2KA-OSDP RFID Keypad Reader

The C2KA-OSDP RFID Keypad Reader ushers in a new era of PIN code access, offering unmatched convenience to credentialed users and visitors alike. This next-generation reader goes beyond traditional access control by supporting multi-factor authentication with seamless integration of various credentials and access methods.

The keypad reader's revolutionary security features are made possible by OSDP, which ensures connection security and protects against hackers. Unlike traditional Wiegand-based systems, OSDP-enabled devices enable two-way communication between controllers and card readers via RS485, allowing real-time monitoring of card reader status. This allows access control software to monitor, control and encrypt data between the access control controller and card reader, offering advanced tamper protection and usage tracking.

OSDP's key value comes from its superior flexibility. Data shared between OSDP access control and readers is no longer limited to fixed-length data fields, such as 24 or 36, and AES128 encryption ensures higher data security. As a member of SIA, Anviz intends to introduce more SIA OSDP verified products to global markets, which will enable customers around the world to enjoy higher security, richer functionality, greater ease of use and a greater interoperability thanks to OSDP.

The access control solution package combining SAC921 access controller and C2KA-OSDP RFID keypad reader is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2023. Anviz also plans to improve its products to be more compatible with solutions. from third parties. This will accommodate the needs of various industries such as education, government, commercial real estate, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality, allowing them access to a comprehensive and integrated security screening experience.

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