STATEMENT: Carmen Ferrando presents a set of 'windows to the sea' collections

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Carmen Ferrando presents a set of 'windows to the sea' collections

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Alicante, January 24, 2024.- The representation of nature has been linked to art since ancient times. In this sense, multiple artists have reproduced landscapes and other elements with various styles.

In painting, one of the current trends is hyperrealism. Thanks to this technique, objects or natural views seem to come to life.

In particular, Carmen Ferrando, an artist from Benidorm, is one of the current references in this style. Her work focuses on the reproduction of the sea and is made up of 4 collections. In turn, the most recent of them is the Islands Collection, and the importance of the Ocean Collection, made up of pieces that have been exhibited in galleries and important national and international art fairs. According to this artist, the purpose of several of these paintings is to offer "a window to the sea."

The more than 10 works that make up each collection seek to give the viewer a realistic experience. For example, Carmen Ferrando comments on the piece What remains of the day has been created so that whoever sees it “truly feels even the smell and breeze of the sea.” This 90 by 90 centimeter oil on canvas was completed in November 2023 and is a real window.

On the other hand, the work Save Posidonia was the first piece of crystalline waters to begin in his Islands Series, and he created this work inspired by the turquoise waters of Formentera, in honor of the oceanic Posidonia, a plant with flowers and fruits exclusive to the sea. Mediterranean. It develops forming large extensions. It is of fundamental importance in the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean.

In the same way, the piece Primavera, measuring 100 by 80 centimeters, has emerged from a photograph taken by Carmen Ferrando's daughter on a spring day sailing along the coast of Altea. Furthermore, the work has this title because, according to its author, the Mediterranean water in spring is special, the reflection of the sunlight is unique in the year, with a feeling of freedom. In particular, this oil painting on canvas has been made with a 3D realism technique.

The aforementioned painting First Light, along with What Remains of the Day and also together with Behind the Truth, have been recently exhibited in the month of December 2023, at RED DOT MIAMI in the ART BASEL environment of Miami, one of the most important international exhibitions. important in the world.

It is also important to note the work Primavera and also the work Save Posidonia, which were part of another very important international exhibition in Europe, located precisely on the ground floor of the Louvre Museum, Paris, during the month of October, specifically in the SALON INTERNATIONAL D'ART CONTEMPORAIN 2023, at Le Carrousel Du Louvre Paris.

In these last weeks, January 2024, 4 Windows to the Sea by Carmen Ferrando have been exhibited at the prestigious Parcus Gallery in Munich.

In Spain, it is important to highlight his work recently at Fundación La Barandilla Madrid, in October 2023, where he collaborated by holding a painting workshop with people dependent on the Fundación Barandilla, dedicated to people dependent on mental health problems.

Through any of her collections, the artist Carmen Ferrando offers different Windows to the sea of ​​great impact and beauty. To learn more and observe these paintings, you can access her website.


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