STATEMENT: ELFBAR and LOST MARY reveal progress in the fight against illicit vapers (2)

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: ELFBAR and LOST MARY reveal progress in the fight against illicit vapers (2)

(Information sent by the signatory company)

LONDON, April 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Globally leading vaping brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY announced the latest results of their ongoing global action against counterfeits and the fight against illicit products.

"Both brands have launched an extensive strategy that proactively engages stakeholders from various sectors, including regulators, trade associations, wholesalers, retailers, media and consumer groups, to jointly combat the illicit proliferation of vapes." said Victor Xiao, Global Vice President of ELFBAR and LOST MARY, on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day.

ELFBAR and LOST MARY reveal their efforts to contain the spread of illicit vapes, encompassing measures including, but not limited to, proactively working with regulators around the world, advocating for strict law enforcement, prosecuting violations of trademarks, shut down counterfeit manufacturers, scan and detect fake products in retail channels, engage retail groups and launch public awareness campaigns.

In the UK: tackling illicit trade in the retail sector

ELFBAR and LOST MARY provide support to campaigns launched by the Association of Convenience Stores and the Scottish Grocers' Federation, the UK's convenience store trade associations.

Through the partnership between FACT, a pioneer in intellectual property protection, providing high-quality investigations, intelligence and digital forensics, retailers are encouraged to do their part by reporting illicit vapes to Crimestoppers or their local Standards team. Commercials, part of the strategy that both brands have followed, along with efforts focused on raising awareness about illegal vapers with the support of FACT.

“To further strengthen our collective efforts against illicit vapers, we are also championing a licensing scheme to ensure a structured system for vetting retailers,” said Eve Peters, UK head of government affairs for both vape brands.

"These are just a few of the many steps we have taken to maintain our commitment to offering the optimal vaping experience possible to adult users on their path to quit smoking," he added.

In China: end the counterfeit supply chain

ELFBAR and LOST MARY have long supported the anti-counterfeiting efforts of the Chinese authorities since June 2021, when the brands started this campaign.

So far, 229 factories, warehouses, traders and logistics service providers involved in the counterfeit trade have been closed across the country as part of law enforcement. Several million counterfeit ELFBAR, EBDESIGN and LOST MARY vapes have been seized.

In 2022 alone, both brands initiated 118 criminal lawsuits against manufacturers of counterfeit products, many of which have since moved to Southeast Asia. This has led to an increase in counterfeit vapes under the brands ELFBAR, EBDESIGN and LOST MARY being assembled and smuggled into various markets, particularly the United States.

In Southeast Asia and the United States: warn about rampant counterfeits

To stay abreast of the global anti-counterfeiting campaign, cross-border collaborations are being forged with intellectual property authorities in several Southeast Asian markets.

In October 2023, law enforcement in Bắc Ninh, Vietnam, confiscated and destroyed more than 103,000 vaping products, including 97,000 counterfeit ELFBAR vapes, in a warehouse. In another raid on a counterfeit manufacturer, more than 108,000 vapes were seized and destroyed, many of which were EBDESIGN brand.

The results of the two serial inspections revealed only a fraction of the widespread counterfeits manufactured and smuggled into some markets.

ELFBAR has repeatedly confirmed that ELFBAR and EBDESIGN branded products currently available in the USA are not manufactured, shipped, supplied or marketed by the brand. ELFBAR and EBDESIGN stopped supplying products to the US since May 2023, leaving a large market void now filled with counterfeits and clones.

Multiple global markets: counterfeit detection in the retail sector

Since September 2022, ELFBAR and LOST MARY have established multi-level cooperation with regulators in a firm stance against counterfeit vapes in markets such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates and more .

Since then, tens of thousands of counterfeit ELFBAR and LOST MARY units have been confiscated from 104 retail stores where illicit products were found.

Years of efforts in Russia have resulted in a number of trademark infringement cases brought to court, with 1,217 and 29 favorable rulings received for ELFBAR and LOST MARY, respectively.

"While we align ourselves with regulators in various markets to reasonably regulate the vaping industry and foster a fair and equitable market, we also urge adult users to identify and authenticate the product before purchasing it with caution," said Victor Xiao, and He added that brands must take more effective measures against clone manufacturing and smuggling along trade routes.

"Smuggled products contain so much substance that is untraceable to users that they jeopardize the overall longevity of the industry," he said.


ELFBAR is a pioneer and innovator in the global vaping industry. Since its inception in 2018, it has been exploring new frontiers by providing a distinct and diverse vaping experience with innovation at the core.

ELFBAR remains committed to youth access prevention and sustainable growth in its unwavering responsibility as a leading brand favored and used by tens of millions of adult smokers and ex-smokers on their journey to quit smoking around the world.

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Global vaping innovator LOST MARY is dedicated to discovering the true value of vaping, setting industry trends and benchmarking product quality.

For years, LOST MARY has progressed by breaking free from traditional product forms, navigating uncharted territories of innovation and providing the best possible user experience with new designs, technologies and flavors.

Since its inception in 2021, LOST MARY has expanded its presence to more than 50 markets worldwide, where tens of millions of adult users prefer its products. According to third-party data, LOST MARY is among the top vape brands in many global markets in terms of brand awareness and sales volume.

Currently, the brand has more than 200 patents in multiple markets worldwide.

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