STATEMENT: FOTON launches "EASY MOVE", the brand rejuvenation strategy


STATEMENT: FOTON launches "EASY MOVE", the brand rejuvenation strategy

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FOTON, in its 27th anniversary, marked the occasion with a grand brand rejuvenation launch event. Held at the Simatai Great Wall in Beijing, China, the event showcased FOTON's new brand philosophy and future strategies.

During the event, FOTON revealed five main business strategies and a refreshed brand identity, illustrating the company's ambitious vision for its future development. Foton Motor Group President Chang Rui emphasized the customer-centric approach and five business strategies that will guide FOTON's journey, emphasizing technological empowerment, innovative business models and global operations. With a focus on double carbon strategy, new energy strategy, digital ecosystem building, globalization and renewed brand strategy, FOTON aims to accelerate innovation, effectively addressing industry challenges and opportunities.

FOTON will accelerate innovative transformation, seizing the opportunities presented by the "double carbon strategy". The company will continue to raise its pace, innovation and achievements. Its goal is to reach peak carbon in 2028, carbon neutrality in central factories by 2035, and carbon neutrality of the entire value chain by 2050.

By accelerating the transition to new energy vehicles, FOTON will focus on urban markets, city clusters, and long-distance logistics markets. It will focus on pure electric, hydrogen fuel and hybrid technologies to accelerate the design of new energy vehicle products, aiming to achieve a 20% penetration rate of new energy vehicle products by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Efforts will be made to build an efficient digital ecosystem. By innovating marketing models, FOTON will empower dealerships to transition from traditional sales and service to customer-focused operations, including used vehicles, operating leasing, and energy supply.

By unswervingly advancing the global development strategy, FOTON aims to achieve scalable growth, consolidate the market foundations in developing countries, accelerate domestic industrial layout, and seize opportunities to enter developed markets.

Rooted in the key node of accelerated evolution in the new energy transformation, FOTON embarks on its fourth brand rejuvenation, unveiling a new brand strategy: "Easy Move". Chairman Chang Rui: "We envision a future where people, vehicles, assets, energy, digits, and value can move freely in space and time, seamlessly interacting between the virtual and the real. This strategy reflects our approach to development and aspires to a bright future." The brand identity is also evolving, characterized by a smarter, lighter and more technological design.

The first half of 2023 has seen remarkable performance from FOTON. Its sales have been leading steadily for several months, with cumulative sales topping 11 million units, once again setting a new world record for commercial vehicle sales. The introduction of AMT products across its range has set a new benchmark for automatic transmission development in China's commercial vehicle sector. The introduction of FOTON's new brand rejuvenation strategy will lead FOTON's active pursuit of the “double carbon” goal, aiming to achieve the vision of “EASY MOVE”.

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