STATEMENT: Kuky Fuego, from a television personality to being one of the people with the most contacts in Spain

Madrid, June 14, 2023.

STATEMENT: Kuky Fuego, from a television personality to being one of the people with the most contacts in Spain

Madrid, June 14, 2023.- Digital marketing represents one of the most important business growth strategies today. It is a key tool to position different products and services in the market.

Bearing in mind that the digital environment is a changing and dynamic scenario, both companies and the self-employed need professional and experienced advice to facilitate the comprehensive approach to be developed.

This is the task carried out by Fernando Ruano, better known as Kuky Fuego, who is in charge of promoting and collaborating with multinationals, training businessmen in the management of social networks and making presentations at festivals of national and international significance.

Digital marketing influencers continue to set trends in emerging communication formats, with Kuky Fuego being one of the most prominent today.

This conductor, speaker and influential television character has more than a million followers on social networks, an amount that he obtained thanks to his collaborations with multinationals and companies in general; the adequate positioning that he carries out with experienced musical artists; and educational training of innovative digital tools.

Kuky Fuego has become a true benchmark in digital marketing, planning new ideas and strategies for companies and freelancers who want to take a leap in quality in their business projects. In turn, he has achieved a wide list of important contacts in the world of sports, fashion and music, being the presenter most chosen by the big brands and prominent personalities in these sectors.

The ability to understand the digital world perfectly, its high influence of contacts with celebrities and the virtue of conducting massive events for large multinational companies, represent the most outstanding qualities of the service to the community that Kuky Fuego offers.

With sympathy, ingenuity and an outgoing personality, Kuky Fuego has managed to grow exponentially in the field of social networks. His publications transmit joy, charisma and good feelings in users, something difficult to achieve in a context of constant virtual violence.

In addition to being friendly and funny, Fernando Ruano has an extensive professional career that has allowed him to meet prominent figures in the artistic world with whom he develops digital marketing tasks to promote projects that are in full swing.

The advice on digital tools and strategies carried out by this presenter produces positive results in the short and long term, a fact that explains why Kuky Fuego can sustain itself in the world of emerging media.

Having achieved the ideal balance between sympathy, friendliness, professionalism and experience, Kuky Fuego deals with offering manager services, publicizing proposals from large companies and presenting television programs and massive events in general. These virtues make him the king of digital marketing and the king of contacts in Spain.

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