STATEMENT: Lingang supports foreign companies to achieve high-quality growth in China


STATEMENT: Lingang supports foreign companies to achieve high-quality growth in China

SHANGHAI, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai. It is not only a platform for exhibitors and buyers to meet and exchange ideas, but also a great place for Chinese park operators to showcase their capabilities and services.

In the exhibition hall of Lingang Group, the booth of Germany-based Lenze Company occupied a prime location and attracted the attention of many visitors. "We are very grateful to Lingang Group for providing us with such an amazing stage to launch our new products. This is a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to more customers," said Li Jin, Senior National Sales Director of Lenze China.

Lenze, which joined CIIE for the first time this year, is a leading global automation company for mechanical engineering. He invested in Lingang in 2007 and has since become "an old friend" of the park.

Since 2019, thanks to the establishment of the China Lin-gang Special Area (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Lenze's base in the area has grown from a manufacturing site to its second global headquarters, as well as the East Asia headquarters, which has R D, manufacturing and sales functions. The company's role has also evolved from "In China for China" to "In China for the world."

Lenze's remarkable growth in China is just one example of the services Lingang Group has provided to foreign investors.

Since its inception, Lingang Group has adopted a globalized growth mindset. Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, which is one of the industrial parks currently operated by Lingang, has attracted many foreign technology investors since the late 80s, such as Philips, AT

For an industrial park, high-quality design is a key success factor to attract investors and encourage future growth.

Lingang Group has worked with UK-based Arlington Park to develop Caohejing Sci-Tech Oasis Park, a “park within a park” with world-leading infrastructure and amenities. In recent years, the group has enhanced its capabilities and support facilities for a number of priority industries, such as integrated circuits, biomedicine and smart manufacturing. By understanding customers' unique business processes and organizational structure, Lingang can now offer them the most suitable, cost-effective and convenient factories and facilities.

The world's leading provider of heating and air conditioning solutions, Johnson Controls - Hitachi Air Conditioning is another good example. It has chosen to invest in Lingang Fengxian Park because there is a complete cluster of low-carbon green manufacturing industries around the park. The two parties will work together to achieve synergy by driving the growth of companies in the upstream and downstream sectors of this industrial chain.

As the Lenze case demonstrates, Lingang's service has often exceeded investors' expectations. During this CIIE, Lingang Group has invited nearly 100 foreign-invested enterprises to join its showroom, many of which are located in the group's parks. Lingang has offered customized services to help them build their brand image, take advantage of the opportunities that CIIE has provided, and gain more friends and customers.

Lingang Group's excellent services have also driven the high-quality sustainable development of foreign-invested enterprises in China. The group has made great efforts to realize its ESG ambition by establishing a "Six Pillar Innovation Support Framework", which focuses on providing a system that enables technological, digital, ecological, services, financial and foreign. The group aims to find a balanced growth pattern to create economic, social and environmental values.

For example, Tesla received official permission to begin preliminary work in 2018. In 2019, its Gigafactory achieved three notable milestones: starting construction, starting operations, and factory delivery, all in one year. In 2020, this factory began mass producing Model 3 cars and exporting them to the European market.

Behind this incredible speed is Lingang Group's high-quality service based on its deep knowledge of the area, clients' industries and experience. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, personally praised Shanghai's surprisingly fast speed.

The rapid expansion of foreign companies in China is also supported by the institutional reforms undertaken in the areas where the Lingang parks are located. For example, China's Lin-gang Special Area (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone has continued to improve its level of openness since its establishment more than four years ago. As a result, foreign direct investment in this area has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 50%. It has established China's first comprehensive customs zone (Yangshan Free Trade Zone) and the first wealth management company controlled by a foreign investor. It is also accelerating the development of international financial asset trading platforms, the Shanghai Oil and Natural Gas Exchange and the International Board for Reinsurance Trade, just to name a few achievements of institutional innovation. It is estimated that by 2025, the Lin-gang Pilot Free Trade Zone will host 10,000 foreign talents and issue more than 3,000 work permits for foreigners.

The high-quality growth of foreign-invested enterprises will also contribute to a better quality of life for the Chinese people. In June this year, Medtronic Inc. began building its first manufacturing line at Lingang Life Science

"We hope our Lingang project can continue to exceed expectations to better serve not only domestic patients, but also patients from other parts of the world," said Alex Gu, senior vice president and president of Medtronic Greater China.

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