STATEMENT: Madrid surrenders to the wines, spirits and liqueurs of Galicia in a massive Tunnel of Harmonies

Madrid, October 17.

STATEMENT: Madrid surrenders to the wines, spirits and liqueurs of Galicia in a massive Tunnel of Harmonies

Madrid, October 17

The advisor of Medio Rural, José González Vázquez, accompanied by the director of the Galega Food Cality Agency, José Luis Cabarcos, served as host in the act of promoting the winners of the Catas de Galicia 2023, in the Casa de Galicia in Madrid

Everyone who entered the Casa de Galicia in Madrid yesterday came out better: wiser and, above all, more imbued with the value of the Galician wines and spirits that were promoted from the more than 30 winners at the Galicia Tastings. The Minister of Rural Affairs of the Xunta de Galicia, José González, accompanied by the director of the Galician Food Quality Agency (Agacal), José Luis Cabarcos, served as the introducer to the Harmonies Tunnel into which a hundred people entered to savor the unprecedented pairing between wines, spirits, liqueurs and Galician foods with quality indicative. An initiative that met the organization's expectations given the success of the call whose places, limited by capacity, were quickly filled. "A true art." This is how the representative of the regional government defined the process of making the selected wines and distillates from the outset. "In every glass of Galician wine there is a story of quality production," he reiterated in the speech that gave way to the Tunnel of Harmonies and after the masterclass "Domestication of the vine in Galicia", directed by Alejandro Paadín. The councilor recalled the context that the 2023 harvest was the most abundant in the last decade and, from that starting point, he wanted to highlight everything that the wine has paired. For example, wine tourism, of which Galicia wants to be "the main destination. The Xunta is committed to promoting wine and territory, together, something that is reflected in the Strategy for the economic, territorial and tourist revitalization of the wine regions of Galicia." As a prelude to the tasting, which lasted more than two hours and in which the harmony sheets acted as perfect guides, José González explained the economic significance of the sector. Hence, he stated, the to the vineyards, adding kilos of grapes to the productions and adding quality wines to our appellations" - or the still pending food quality law - "will impact the objective of making excellence the emblem of Galician products" -. The councilor then allowed the Galician wines, spirits and liqueurs to be used, harmonized with their neighbors of top quality - San Simón, Tetilla, Arzúa Ulloa and Cebreiro cheeses; Chestnut; honeys; Cea and EVOO bread; turnip greens; Fabas de Lourenzá; potatoes; Galician Veal; and Tarta de Santiago -, those that really convinced the audience. The quality filled the palates, showed the seriousness and strength of the sector in Galicia and served as a perfect ambassador to attract future consumers and, above all, visitors. As it could not be otherwise, the evening closed in perfect harmony.

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