STATEMENT: MODE LEGAL Abogados recovers €59,181 with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: MODE LEGAL Abogados recovers €59,181 with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Thanks to the Second Chance Law, the MODE LEGAL law firm located in Calafell, has managed to cancel a debt of €59,181 in the Commercial Court No. 1 of Tarragona. All of this is possible thanks to the benefit of complete exoneration of debts incurred by the J.C.M client.

TARRAGONA, February 9, 2024.-

In the words of Susana Moreno De Lamo, manager of the MODE LEGAL law firm located in Calafell (Tarragona), a large number of calls are received from both individuals and companies that are immersed in financial difficulties as a result of banking abuses. In response to this problem, comprehensive support is offered with face-to-face care in Barcelona and Tarragona, as well as online services, with the aim of addressing and resolving the liquidity and insolvency problems that affect many companies and self-employed workers in Spain. The concern about How the Second Chance Law works is a common question at the firm. To try to provide a clear understanding, it should be noted that this administrative process, created in 2015, constitutes a way that allows people to cancel their debts, offering them the possibility of starting over from scratch and without late payments. Originally from the United States , this regulation finds its application mainly in self-employed people who have experienced economic setbacks during their working life. Thanks to the Second Chance Law, they are offered the opportunity to rebuild their lives, away from non-payments, worries and all the negative connotations that such a situation entails, both for personal health and for the family nucleus. All cases They cannot be resolved in the same way and a professional assessment of each one is necessary to find the best strategy and solution for the client. At the business level, there is a very similar legal mechanism called "Bankruptcy Law", which allows the majority of cases to be regularized. pending payments, thus allowing commercial operations to be resumed normally, or to achieve an orderly closure of the company with the least possible responsibility on the part of its administrator. Until very few years ago, it was common to see banking entities facing each other to numerous lawsuits arising from unfair practices linked to high-interest credit cards (revolving), abusive clauses, floor and ceiling, IRPH, among others. However, currently, a progressive correction of this type of bad practices is observed. This change of course represents a step forward for the protection of the financial rights of users and greater transparency in financial relationships, although there is still a long way to go.Mode Legal Abogados Tarragona Calafell (Main Office). C/ del Carme 16, Local ground floor. Hours – 08h-18h (Monday to Friday).

Contact Contact name: Susana Moreno de Lamo Contact description: Mode Legal Abogados Tarragona / Manager Contact telephone: 633 417 493