STATEMENT: stc Group and Ludium Lab partner to expand cloud gaming services in Saudi Arabia

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STATEMENT: stc Group and Ludium Lab partner to expand cloud gaming services in Saudi Arabia

(Information sent by the signatory company)

stc Group, a global leader in digital transformation, and Ludium Lab, the leading provider of streaming and virtualization technology, today announced the launch of the Sora Stream cloud gaming solution in Saudi Arabia.

Barcelona, ​​March 4, 2024.- The multinational has trusted the Spanish company's technology to develop this service, including the most advanced cloud gaming functionalities, expanding its high added value product offering. This project focuses on providing users the ability to access a diverse collection of games on multiple devices through a flexible subscription model. The platform also offers smooth gameplay and optimal performance through the use of Ludium Lab virtualization technology, which includes advanced compression techniques to enable use even in areas with low internet connectivity. This collaboration demonstrates stc Group's commitment to provide its users with innovative and high-value products that improve their digital experiences. These efforts have resulted in a product that is easy to use, highly efficient and effective in meeting the changing demands of stc users.Sora Stream offers a wide catalog for users of PC, mobile and other devices, divided into different categories of sports, adventure or action, among others. In addition, it offers the possibility of playing some of the most important AAA games and exclusive games on the platform at 60 FPS and Full HD, presenting great gameplay in a great step towards the democratization of entertainment for anyone.The next launch of Sora Stream , which will be available to millions of stc Group users in Saudi Arabia in the coming days, marks the initial stage of a partnership between both companies, signifying their commitment to Ludium Lab's cutting-edge technology and their future role in driving of disruptive innovations and SAAS solutions in the territories operated by stc Group. The version of Sora Stream that will arrive in Saudi Arabia will allow users to purchase the main AAA directly from the platform to play in the cloud and exclusive features such as playability on any device "We appreciate stc Group's trust in our technology and its future development, and we are very proud to offer our cloud gaming solution in Saudi Arabia," says Juan José Martín, CEO of Ludium Lab. "The latest updates to our platform offer potential stc Group users the possibility of enjoying cloud gaming, which is now a reality."About Ludium Lab Ludium Lab is a technology company founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 2012. Expert and leader in cloud services and solutions, the company works in more than 60 countries around the world. Its activity currently focuses on adapting its technology to cloud gaming platforms (Sora Stream development), automotive (ICE), metaverse solution, SaaS and XR (Vr/Ar). The team has been working for over a decade on cloud streaming and virtualization technologies to provide the highest quality solutions at low cost. For more information, please visit www.ludiumlab.comAbout stc group "STC Group" is a digital transformation engine, offering advanced solutions and driving a role in the digitalization process. The group offers a comprehensive set of services spanning digital infrastructure, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), digital payments, digital media and digital entertainment. The group comprises over 14 subsidiaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.To know more about stc Group: Click hereIssuer: stc Group

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