STATEMENT: Style for celebrations: COOFANDY prepares for the graduation season

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Style for celebrations: COOFANDY prepares for the graduation season

(Information sent by the signatory company)

NEW YORK, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As prom season approaches, COOFANDY, the designer of essentials for modern men, is rolling out the red carpet for graduates with its "Celebration Style" theme. . The brand encourages participants to share their graduation highlights using hashtags like

Graduation marks an important milestone in a person's life: it is not only about obtaining a degree but also about transitioning to a new phase full of opportunities and challenges. Recognizing this crucial moment, COOFANDY aims to add an extra layer of excitement through fashionable blazers that not only enhance style but also boost confidence during celebrations.

With a versatile one-button suit jacket that can elevate any outfit, or a lightweight vest with a slim-fit design that exudes casual charm and elegant sophistication, COOFANDY is set to make social media newcomers shine in their day. important.

Additionally, COOFANDY is excited to host two special events in Boston this May:

1. COOFANDY Graduation Party Date: May 17 Address: CIC One Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

2. COOFANDY COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT RUNDOWNFecha: 18 de mayo Dirección: 1st Floor, The Tower: A Longwood Venue, 101 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116

By simply registering for these events, attendees can be entered to win prizes valued up to $9,000.

To enhance the celebration, COOFANDY is offering up to 40% off blazers on both Amazon and its official website during the event period. Customers can also benefit from additional savings based on the total amount of their purchase: get $5 off orders over $99, $15 off orders over $129, and $30 off orders over $169.


Founded in 2015, COOFANDY is a brand that offers a versatile range of men's basics suitable for everyday wear. The collection includes business dress shirts, suits, casual t-shirts, party tuxedos and beachwear. COOFANDY aims to simplify the shopping experience of its customers by providing an efficient and hassle-free platform to find the perfect garment. The brand's main goal is to boost your confidence by offering you high-quality clothing at an affordable price. COOFANDY is dedicated to offering the best possible range of fashion to its customers.

For more information, visit the COOFANDY website, or connect with COOFANDY on Facebook and Instagram.

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