STATEMENT: The D.O.P Torta del Casar returns to the Trujillo Cheese Fair with tastings, raffles and contests

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The D.O.P Torta del Casar returns to the Trujillo Cheese Fair with tastings, raffles and contests

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Casar de Cáceres (Cáceres), April 29, 2024.- The Torta del Casar Protected Designation of Origin attends the Trujillo National Cheese Fair again, which this year celebrates its thirty-seventh edition. From May 1 to 5, the Plaza Mayor of the municipality will become the scene of different activities, workshops and technical conferences in which cheese is the main protagonist.

As usual, the D.O.P will have its own stand, from which it will offer visitors all the information necessary to know the details of this product originating from Casar de Cáceres, which in 2024 celebrates its 25th anniversary as a Denomination of Origin. . Its six registered cheese factories will be installed there: Doña Francisca, El Castúo, Iberqués Extremadura, Lácteos del Búrdalo, Los Casareños and Quesos del Casar.

The director of the Regulatory Council, Javier Muñoz, highlights that they return to Trujillo “very proud to be in a fair of such renown, in which the Denomination of Origin participates as an organizer as a member of the Executive Committee, as well as an exhibitor with a unique stand that brings together its six certified cheese factories, giving strength to Torta del Casar.”

The producers themselves will be in charge of explaining the particularities of their protected cheeses to those curious who come to the stand, through tastings in which the public will be able to appreciate first-hand the unique flavor of this product. For its part, the D.O.P Torta del Casar will be in charge of answering your questions and promoting the product through a complete program of activities.

As part of this, five daily raffles for Torta del Casar will be held in collaboration with the certified cheese factories, and visitors will be able to immortalize their experience and share it on social networks by taking a photo at the stand's photocall, which will be enabled on the weekend.

Also this year the Trujillo Cheese Fair is distinguished as one of the outstanding experiences of the 'The Taste of a Territory' Route, the gastronomic tourism project organized by the Regulatory Council of the D.O.P Torta del Casar, in which some of the most emblematic hotels and restaurants in Cáceres. Its objective is to promote tourism and publicize the cultural and landscape heritage of the region with gastronomic activities that have cheese at the center.

The initiative proposes five routes that run through different areas of the province, among which is the Trujillo region. Thus, travelers on the Route will be able to attend this event on the designated dates, and those staying in the collaborating hotels will enjoy free tastings.

XXXVII Edition of the National Trujillo Cheese Fair

The thirty-seventh edition of the Trujillo National Cheese Fair will bring together in its Plaza Mayor a hundred exhibitors with cheese shops from all over the country and more than 500 different cheese specialties. This year it will be held for five days, one more than in 2023, so it is expected to exceed the attendance figures of the previous call, in which more than 300,000 tickets were sold for the tastings.

This is one of the most important gastronomic events in Extremadura and the most outstanding monographic event in the sector in Spain. An event that has become a tourist attraction for the municipality and a meeting point for the most significant cheese designations of origin in our country and the European Union.

And as the highlight of the fair, on Friday, April 3, the cheese contest will take place, with prizes in five categories: soft sheep's cheese, in which Torta del Casar competes, hard sheep's cheese, goat cheese soft pasta, hard goat cheese, and innovation, a category that debuted in 2023 and returns this year.

Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) Torta del Casar

D.O.P. cheeses Torta del Casar is made only in cheese factories registered in the Regulatory Council records, which works every day to guarantee its origin and quality, controlling the purity of the production process for the full safety and confidence of consumers.

The Protected Designation of Origin protects this cheese with ancient tradition and unique and differentiating qualities. Therefore, when you want to enjoy an authentic D.O.P. cheese. Torta del Casar, you must look for its exclusive control label in which the logo of the Regulatory Council is joined to that of the European Union, the only guarantee of the choice made and international recognition.

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