STATEMENT: The European situation offers an optimal scenario to promote the railway connection between Madrid and Lisbon

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The European situation offers an optimal scenario to promote the railway connection between Madrid and Lisbon

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Portuguese-Spanish platform Sudoeste Ibérico en Red, which has the support of more than 32,000 entities and individuals, is holding a new forum on May 6 in Madrid with which it seeks to unite political and territorial commitments to make direct connection a reality in train between Madrid and Lisbon following EU guidelines

Madrid, April 30, 2024.- The Iberian Southwest Corridor, understood as a railway connection between Madrid-Lisbon, is still not a reality in 2024. The fact that this direct train connection does not yet exist between these two European capitals has led to the Portuguese-Spanish platform Sudoeste Ibérico en Red, to reiterate its demand for its creation, maintaining the firm intention of promoting and making this very necessary project a reality. This initiative, last year, took another step with the signing of the 'Manifesto to promote the Southwest Iberian Corridor' by CEIM (Business Confederation of Madrid), which thus joined the more than 32,000 entities and individuals that already signed it. have signed.Having the support of all these entities is a great boost to make this official section of the Atlantic Corridor a reality, which has been waiting for more than 20 years. Now this project is back on the table taking advantage of the current situation in Europe due to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, as well as the approval of the new Regulation of the Trans-European Transport Network by the European Parliament this week. , which includes legal instruments to pressure the governments of Spain and Portugal for the execution of the railway line between Madrid and Lisbon. To these milestones, we must also add the processing of the Sustainable Mobility Law of the Government of Spain, expected to be approved this year; the presentation in the coming months of the Atlantic Corridor Master Plan to complete and expand the network and improve rail services; as well as the necessary and urgent need for approval by the Government of the route of the line through the province of Toledo and its corresponding Environmental Impact Statement. And it must be kept in mind that the creation of this line, of this corridor, It not only focuses on the mere connection of two large cities on the Iberian Peninsula and European capitals, but also represents progress for both countries at an economic, infrastructure and social level. It is inexplicable that, currently, in the country with the most kilometers of high speed in Europe, there is still no railway connection between the two Iberian capitals, despite the demands and financing of the European Union. With the construction of this railway line , which will allow greater movement of passengers and goods between Spain and Portugal, will not only improve the position of our country in terms of infrastructure, but will have enormous transformative potential for the entire territory. A space whose connection until now is by road or plane, highly polluting means. Since 2003, when both countries made a commitment to each other, and the EU began to finance these works, there are many kilometers that are being executed and will soon enter service, but there is still much to do. VIII Iberian Economic and Social Forum present this context, and with the presence and support of the president of CEIM, Miguel Garrido, next Monday, May 6, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of Castellana 33, the 'VIII Southwest Corridor Forum will be held Iberian". An event of transcendental importance that will address the urgent need to connect both capitals through an efficient railway network; in addition to closing the pending issues on this issue and acquiring political commitments. This forum has become a beacon of hope for connectivity and economic development in the Iberian southwest. A meeting to which CSOI (the Iberian Southwest Corridor platform) has put all its efforts. This meeting aims to focus attention on the objectives that were already set last October in the VII Forum and which are reflected in the Manifesto that CEIM signed and supported on the occasion of the previous Forum, which in addition to demanding a direct connection by train as urgently as possible, and, therefore, in this year 2024, marks two temporary objectives that are required by the EU, and that the new RTE-T Regulation facilitates it with its governance instruments, that in 2027 the line between Madrid and Lisbon will be completely electrified and that in 2030 the entire line must be transformed into high speed as requires all sections classified as basic network of the RTE-T as it is in this case and is also required by the need to hold the 2030 Soccer World Cup, in which both capitals will have two venues. The VIII Forum of the The Southwest Iberian Corridor is a unique opportunity to join in a cause that will not only transform connectivity between nations, but will also positively impact the economy and the lives of citizens. They invite you to be part of this transformation.

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