STATEMENT: The funeral sector stabilizes after the covid and returns to pre-pandemic figures

Madrid, October 30, 2023.

STATEMENT: The funeral sector stabilizes after the covid and returns to pre-pandemic figures

Madrid, October 30, 2023.- Mortality so far this year has been -7.47% lower than the same mortality rate last year. This metric confirms that mortality in Spain after the passage of covid seems to have returned to normal and even to levels lower than the pandemic, thus confirming a stabilization of a sector that caused a significant boom in interest and demand after the passage of covid. .

What's more, the funeral company efuneraria, specialized in funeral services, confirms these data and assures that the number of deaths as well as the boom in the funeral sector has been completely and absolutely regularized in Spain, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

In fact, in this year 2023, a decrease in the weight of the funeral sector in the national GDP is expected compared to the increase it had suffered in the post-pandemic years, thus reducing its impact for the 2nd consecutive year.

But this is not all. From the funeral home, they confirm that the sector that had so much momentum during 2020 and 2021 has normalized and the search for funeral information both online and offline has decreased by 30%.

However, what is clear is in terms of funeral trends, today there is a technical tie in terms of cremation/inhumation, since both funeral practices occupy 50% of the market, which has caused burial, which was the practice years ago it stopped being one and shared the spotlight with cremation.

However, this entire revolution in the funeral sector has caused transcendental changes in the sector, since the number of online portals with funeral information has grown exponentially since 2020 and users of this type of services today have a greater degree of of funeral information when hiring funeral services from any company.

What's more, efuneraria confirms this trend and affirms that every day people are more informed and know many more funeral concepts than before. In fact, it is positive that people have all this information and the taboo of a funeral sector that in 2021 employed more than 12,000 workers in this country has been broken.


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