STATEMENT: The Royal European Academy of Doctors appoints 6 outstanding professionals as Extraordinary Ambassadors

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STATEMENT: The Royal European Academy of Doctors appoints 6 outstanding professionals as Extraordinary Ambassadors

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 26, 2023.

The Royal European Academy of Doctors (RAED) has named six prominent professionals as Extraordinary Ambassadors of the institution. The solemn ceremony, held yesterday at the corporation's headquarters in the National Labor Promotion building, brought together dozens of prominent professionals from various economic and academic sectors of the country.

The appointment as Extraordinary Ambassadors of the RAED is granted to certain personalities in recognition of their long professional career, their extensive knowledge of their professional sector and the outstanding public prestige achieved throughout their work and academic career. From their appointment, the personalities have the capacity to represent the Royal European Academy of Doctors around the world and make use of its image and representativeness as a centenary institution. The illustrious professionals who received the recognition as Extraordinary Ambassadors were the Hon. Mr. Mustapha Achoubane, extraordinary ambassador of the RAED, current international relations advisor at Florida Polytechnic University and business consultant; the Hon. Mr. Ildefonso García Serena, dean of the College of Marketing and Communication of Catalonia and Honorary Academician of the RAED; the Excma. Mrs. Carmen Fabeka Lebron Pereyra, founder of the first University specialized in Business and Economic Sciences and the first Business School in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, Barna Business School; the Excma. Ms. Núria Vilanova, founder of Atrevia, the largest Communication and Strategic Positioning company in Spain and current president of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America (CEAPI); the Excma. Ms. Salimata N’Dia, entrepreneur, patron, graduate in Law Senior Business Management Program, MDE Business School and IESE Barcelona and the Hon. Ms. Liling Qi Zhou, president of Puentechina España Comercio. The academics in charge of presenting the awards ceremony were the Hon. Mr. José Ramón Calvo Fernández, Full Academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors and president of the Institute of International Cooperation of the RAED; the Hon. Mr. Joan Francesc Pont Clemente, Full Member of the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences and academic advisor of Pont Mestres and president of the firm; the Excma. Mrs. Mª Àngels Calvo Torras, Numerical Academic of the RA of Medicine of Catalonia, of the RA of Doctors of Madrid and of the Veterinary Academy of Catalonia, among others; the Hon. Mr. Jaume Llopis, Academic member of the Governing Board of the RAED, professor of Strategic Management IESE Business School, graduate in Political, Economic and Commercial Sciences, from the University of Barcelona, ​​MBA IESE Business School and Doctor Phd in Economics and Management of Business from the Ramón Llull University; and the Hon. Mr. Jordi Martí Pidelaserra, deputy director of the RAED Accounting Department and full professor at the University of Barcelona in the Accounting Department. The Royal European Academy of Doctors is a public law corporation born in 1914 whose purpose is research, study, promotion and extension of the different branches of knowledge. The RAED is committed to defending the prestige of the Doctorate degree and ensures that harmony and the closest collaboration between its members is maintained. It has brought together engineers, doctors, mathematicians, writers, economists, physicists, chemists, and great names in the arts and sciences. A centenary institution that brings together personalities who have contributed significantly to the cultural, scientific, economic and social development of Spain.

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