STATEMENT: The Valencian Dalpiot will represent Spain in the 'Campionato Mondiale della Pizza'

Madrid, April 5.

STATEMENT: The Valencian Dalpiot will represent Spain in the 'Campionato Mondiale della Pizza'

Madrid, April 5

The contest, which brings together the best professionals and pizzerias from around the world, will be held in Parma on April 18, 19 and 20

Dalpiot, a small pizzeria located in Rocafort, one of the most exclusive towns in Spain, will compete in the Classic Pizza specialty in one of the most important and long-lived competitions for this international dish. Not surprisingly, this is its 30th edition organized For Pizza e Pasta Italiana, a must for the best pizzerias around the world looking to prove their pizza-making prowess. "Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to be surrounded by the most important pizzerias and pizzaiolos from which to learn as well as to publicize our proposal and gastronomy." The proposal of this Valencian pizzeria is the quality of the raw material and, above all, the dough, which, as indicated "is a different dough from the traditional Neapolitan dough, where due to the fermentation process, its grammage, the thickness of dough that makes it so thin and with prominent and crunchy edges" they hope can surprise the jury. Regarding the pizza in particular, they state: "we believe that, with the Sollana (name of a Valencian municipality that gives its name to one of its pizzas) we will be able to provide added value by combining the flavors of the sobrassada, the mixture of cheeses, the caramelized red onion and rosemary honey, so, in addition, we will be able to export a little from Valencia and Spain". On whether there is something else that makes Dalpiot's pizza special and a candidate to become the best in the world, they point out that "it may seem trivial, but the care with which we make the tomato, which is natural, that we grind and spice it , the management of cheese, which we have gradually learned to treat, including the management of products such as ham, bacon, pre-cooking onions, mushrooms, using seasonal products such as artichokes, unhurried cooking time, as well as than fermentation, all this we think helps to have something different". According to Global Pizza Market Report, the global pizza market is in full expansion in which "special and gourmet pizzas have become increasingly popular", being affected by new consumption habits, where Delivery has an increasingly important role. ever more important. In this context, they affirm from Dalpiot that "although one of our main values ​​is the place that has a pleasant natural and scenic environment, we must accompany our clients and let them find us on the main platforms such as Glovo" where the pizza "is in the top 3 most searched products".

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