STATEMENT: warns that football is the sport where the most bet rigging is carried out

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STATEMENT: warns that football is the sport where the most bet rigging is carried out

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 8, 2024.

The website collects this information which also reveals that Brazil is the country where there is the most fraud.

Football is the king of sport, and it is also the king of betting rigging. This is reflected in a report collected by Although fraud in this type of game should not exist, the reality is very different and the trend, far from being reduced, is increasing. In 2022, more than 1,200 sports betting frauds have been detected, which represents an increase of 34% compared to the previous year. And most have been detected in soccer matches around the world. The beautiful sport is placed in the Top 1 of competitions with the most fixed matches with a total of 775 frauds, well above the 220 fraudulent matches that have been recorded within basketball, the second sport with the most fixes. On a much smaller scale is tennis with 75 matches, followed by ping pong with 62. But in addition to conventional sports, Esports, which grows year after year in the number of fans, is in the fifth position of competitions with the most seasonal fixes. In 2022, 36 fraudulent matches were recorded. And this trend will increase due to the popularity that this type of sporting discipline is gaining, especially among the youngest. Regarding the distribution of fixing by geographical areas, it stands out that Europe is the region where the most betting frauds are carried out, with 630 cheats. But as for countries, you have to go to South America to find the country with the most rigging: Brazil. The samba territory is the most fraudulent place with a total of 152 frauds detected. To avoid this type of fraud, also warns against using unofficial platforms to bet. They emphasize that Telegram should always be distrusted since the number of channels that contain rigged bets and that are not safe are exponentially increasing. "First you have to inform yourself and study the performance of the website or platform and also its reputation for a while and then you must also check that it is legal," they warn from the website. The complete report on fixed matches can be checked at this link: About is the definitive website to compare different betting houses, operators, bookies and similar online services regulated and authorized both in Spain and Latin America. In addition, it provides accurate and impartial analysis and information on betting houses, betting exchanges, online casinos and other betting and online gaming services. More information at:

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