STATEMENT: Veganuary 2024: athletes debunk myths about plant-based nutrition

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Veganuary 2024: athletes debunk myths about plant-based nutrition

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, January 9, 2024.

Veganuary 2024 is already underway with its famous January month dedicated to veganism. Athletes from many different disciplines support the initiative and debunk the myths that claim that meat is essential to break records.

Artistic swimming, water skiing, strength, weightlifting, mountaineering, rugby, volleyball, cricket... athletes from very different disciplines and from all over the world share their experience with plant-based nutrition and encourage people to try veganism during the month of January and beyond.More energy and better resultsSpanish Emma García is world runner-up in artistic swimming and has been in high-level sport for more than 10 years: "since I changed my lifestyle and adopted veganism, I have not only improved my performance, but I have achieved my best sporting results. I have proven that veganism does not make you weak, but, on the contrary, empowers you." Emile Ritter has been a gold medalist at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile in 2023 in the water ski category: "Veganism showed me what it really means to feel good," he declares. High mountain professional Kuntal Joisher has crowned the highest peaks: "I have not eaten meat in my entire life and I became vegan 17 years ago years. I managed to develop world-class muscle and endurance and have managed to not only survive, but thrive in -50°C temperatures on top of Everest, not just once, but twice! This shows that no animal needs to suffer or die for our dreams to come true." "In the field I feel fitter, I have much more energy in the mornings, which helps me cope better with training, so I am much best in everything. I also have greater mental clarity," says professional rugby player Anthony Mullally. Also for animals and the planet The famous Australian cricket player and coach Jason Gillespie came across the documentary Earthlings researching healthy ways of eating and living, "after Seeing it I simply became vegan overnight. I couldn't justify the treatment that humans give to animals and I don't want to be part of that." Dustin Watten is a former Olympic volleyball champion and says he is vegan for his physical and mental health, but also "for the animals and the future." . It is a decision that is within our control and we all benefit." 'Germany's strongest man' Patrik Baboumian says that "switching to a plant-based diet was one of the best decisions of my life, not only from a perspective "The popular athlete and powerlifting coach recommends that everyone try it, "ideally this January." Emma García, who is also one of the ambassadors of Veganuary 2024 in Spain, concludes: "In addition, I am very happy to be able to achieve my goals without any animal having to suffer for it or be involved, saving thousands of lives and also improving the environmental impact." Veganuary 2024 press dossier: uploads/2023/11/Veganuary-Dosier-Prensa-2024.pdfIt is possible to try the 31 days of Veganuary at any time of the year. Link to register, for free, in the challenge in Spain: es-es/register/

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