STATEMENT: Where to find and buy Thursday lottery? The Seven Of Pentacles

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Where to find and buy Thursday lottery? The Seven Of Pentacles

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valencia, January 3, 2024.- The National Lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in Spain and has the greatest fame and prestige worldwide. This modern betting game, as it is known today, carries a centuries-old tradition that was born in 1811 with the first draw held in Cádiz and, since then, more than 200 years have passed, with draws that are organized every Thursday. and Saturday.

The National Lottery on Thursday, which depends on State Lotteries and Betting (LAE), is the only one that is held during the week, with the exception of the extraordinary and especially relevant draws such as the Christmas and Children's draws, which are held on the 22nd. December and January 6, respectively.

In this framework, the ElSieteDeOros online platform is the ideal choice for those who are interested in buying Thursday lottery from the comfort of home and without having to travel to physical administrations.

ElSieteDeOros is an official lottery point of sale that operates directly, without intermediaries, allowing bettors, through an internet connection, to purchase – in a safe and agile way – National Lottery tenths each Thursday and get rid of of standing in long lines or depending on the availability of the administrations.

The web platform corresponding to the Lottery Administration No. 3 of Xirivella (Valencia) provides users with a reliable, guaranteed and fast online purchasing tool, where they can buy the tickets and trust their luck for the draws held. every Thursday in the State Lottery assembly hall. The system is simple because the player can search for their dream number, choose the number of tickets they want to purchase and then click on the “Play” button.

The Thursday lottery is a very attractive modality due to its low cost (each tenth has a cost of 3 euros) and because it distributes a total of 300,000 euros for the lucky one to obtain the first prize and 60,000 for the second; along with a series of winners based on the latest figures of each tenth winner and the refunds.

It should be noted that ElSieteDeOros displays a “check results” section where gambling lovers can view the results of Thursday's National Lottery plays. For those who have questions about how to play online, the website also provides personalized customer service both by email and by telephone.

The platform also offers users the possibility of purchasing lottery tickets for any of the various official draws held in Spanish territory, such as Quiniela, el Gordo, La Bonoloto, La Primitiva, Quinigol and Euromillions, among others.

ElSieteDeOros, in short, represents an excellent opportunity to try your luck in the National Lottery on Thursday through an online purchasing system that radiates transparency, security, comfort and efficiency.

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