Nursing home abuse – What are the most common types?

While nursing home abuse is almost similar to nursing home neglect yet there are few striking differences between the two

Nursing home abuse – What are the most common types?

While nursing home abuse is almost similar to nursing home neglect yet there are few striking differences between the two. As long as nursing home abuse is concerned, it is where the caregiver intentionally harms the senior patient. But in case of nursing home neglect, this is a form of substandard care or a violation of the law which in turn harms the patient.

The senior individuals usually visit nursing home facilities for safety and care. Though the family members might consider long term facility like a last resort, it is often the most reliable place for an elderly person for obtaining proper medical supervision and attention. Residents of nursing homes can be sexually, physically or emotionally abused by the staffs. Read on to know more on nursing home abuse.


Pressure ulcers are also known as bedsores and they are not just a normal or usual part of aging. There are several injuries to the skin and the tissues underneath get too much of pressure on a definite part of the body for a long time. For all those elderly people who are admitted in nursing homes for a long time and who are not able to move on their own, bedsores commonly occur on their heels, backs of legs, ankles and tailbone area. This clearly means that the person is not being taken care of properly. Nursing home assistants can keep a patient well-hydrated and clean to avoid such things.


Malnutrition can occur among the nursing home residents whenever they are not given proper food for a long span of time. The health of all depends on a well-balanced and healthy diet. Nevertheless, for the people who suffer from diabetes or heart disease, it is crucial to offer them a proper diet. Improper food and malnutrition can dampen the spirit of the elderly patient and this can in turn lead to further injuries. Lack of mobility and reduced cognitive capabilities occur due to malnutrition.


The nursing home facilities might even use medications to immobilize or restrain residents and this is indeed a very harmful practice. When nurses and physicians increase the dosage of the prescribed medicine to weaken the mental and physical abilities of a person, this is known as yet another type of nursing home abuse. This is of more concern when it is done to elderly patients who are suffering from some kind of mental illness.


The seniors are always at the risk of sexual assault due to the only reason that they’re not too mobile. Their mental functioning has decreased and they don’t have enough strength in their muscles. All such issues allow a nurse or a nursing home attendant to take undue advantage of the patient who is not able to fight back in protest. As they also lose their communication abilities, they’re not even able to complain to higher authorities.

So, now that you know what nursing home abuse is, make sure you try your best to avoid all these from happening to someone you love. Get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

Updated Date: 28 February 2019, 01:54

Recep Karaca

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