Death of George Floyd in the united states : the harrowing images of the tribute ceremony

While the voltage only goes down not in the United States, after the death of George Floyd, a tribute ceremony particularly moving took place this Thursday even

Death of George Floyd in the united states : the harrowing images of the tribute ceremony

While the voltage only goes down not in the United States, after the death of George Floyd, a tribute ceremony particularly moving took place this Thursday evening in Minneapolis, the city where lived the Afro-American.

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[updated June 5, 2020 at 11h32] The death of George Floyd, an African-American, 46, continues to cause rallies in several cities in the United States. The last in date, and without any doubt the most significant since the beginning of this social crisis across the Atlantic, was held in Minneapolis, the city where this man has lost his life at the same time as the police proceeded to his arrest. This time, far from the atmosphere of the riots that have been sprinkling some of the events, a tribute ceremony to the formal was held in the evening of Thursday, in the presence of the family of George Floyd, but also from the reverend Al Sharpton, the famous activist and civil rights in the United States, and the mayor of the city of Minnesota.

Marked by a silence of the meeting which lasted 8 minutes 46 very precisely during which time George Floyd has agonized over the head, blocked by the knee of a police officer, this ceremony has also seen Jacob Frey, the mayor, burst into sobbing when he is gathered to the front of the coffin of the deceased. In addition, Al Sharpton made a speech, denouncing the action "inhuman" police officers who arrested George Floyd. "No matter who must answer for his crimes, that he wears a blue jeans or the blue of the police", he insisted, thus echoing the injunctions of the crowd, namely, to condemn the three police officers. A second ceremony will take place this Saturday at Raeford, the North Carolina native of Floyd, before his funeral Monday in Houston, Texas.

And also Images of riots and protests in the United States

The protests, peaceful day, harden the night with acts of violence, for nearly a week :

what is the movement blacklivesmatter ?

The movement blacklivesmatter, which became a hashtag, widely relayed on the social networks since the death of George Floyd, is in reality not born with this sad event. It is a movement, which can be translated in French by "the life of the Black account", having emerged in 2013 to denounce any form of racism, including State, suffered by African-Americans in the United States. Police violence highlighted by the case of George Floyd, are regularly denounced by those who claim to BLM. The first time where the hashtag #blacklivesmatter appeared when George Zimmerman was acquitted in July 2013. This Latin-American, responsible for the surveillance of a residence in Florida, was accused of having caused the death of Trayvon Martin, an African-American 17-year-old, after he was pulled over. After 16 hours of hearings during the trial, Zimmerman was declared not guilty by the judges, which had provoked a wave of indignation in the United States.

The video of the arrest of George Floyd

The video of the arrest of George Floyd's net : we see this Afro-American put on the ground by a police officer pressing his knee against the victim's head. It also refers to a distinctly George Floyd complain of this treatment violent. "My belly hurts, I have pain in my neck. I hurt everywhere," he says, begging the policeman and his colleague to give him water. "I can't breathe. They are going to kill me", he said, George Floyd, who died a few moments later.

How George Floyd is he dead ?

George Floyd, age 46, died on 25 may 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, following an arrest by police, which was filmed and broadcast on the social networks. The images show an arrest very brutal carried out by 4 police officers. One of them, Derek Chauvin, appears kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, while the latter is tackled to the ground, for several minutes. The agents of the forces of order have shown to have acted in response to a call reporting George Floyd in a state of intoxication and noted in their report that the latter had opposed a strong resistance, that contradict the images taken by a witness and by a cctv camera. On the ground, George Floyd has expressed clearly that he could not breathe. An investigation by the police and an investigation by the FBI led to the arrest of Derek Chauvin.

Who is Derek Chauvin ?

Derek Chauvin was charged on Friday, may 29, for "involuntary homicide" and "act of cruel and dangerous causing death", following the first survey conducted on the conditions of arrest of George Floyd. On Wednesday, 3 June, the head of the charge against him was aggravated, as the demand for hundreds of thousands of protesters, and has gone from "manslaughter" to "murder". The man has been the subject of several reports from the american media since the events of 25 may. The journalists of CNN have announced that Derek Chauvin has been the subject of 18 complaints in the past for his behavior, which led, simply, to two letters of reprimand. The former police officer of Minneapolis has also been decorated with a medal, after having received a ball, during a response to domestic violence, in 2008. He has also been involved in two other shootings : one of it, in 2006, has led to the death of a 42-year-old, shot by police, who stated in an official report to have acted in self-defense.

What is the reaction of Donald Trump ?

The us president was first informed, Saturday, June 30, he had called the family of George Floyd for him to present his condolences. ".I stand on the side of all Americans in search of justice and peace", he said at a press briefing, before commenting on the events in these words : "I stand before you in strong opposition to anyone who exploits this tragedy to loot, steal, attack and threaten. [...] I understand the pain felt by the people. We support the right of peaceful protesters and we hear their calls. But what we see in the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or peace. The memory of George Floyd is disgraced by the rioters, the looters and anarchists. Violence and vandalism is the "Antifa" and other radical groups of the left who terrorize the innocents, destroy jobs, undermine businesses and burn buildings," said Donald Trump. Sunday, may 31st, the american president was more direct, targeting on Twitter its political opponents and condemning the rallies, calling the elect, and governors-democrats to be "more firm" against the rioters. "These people are anarchists. Call our national guard now. The world looks at you and mocks Joe's sleep (Joe Biden, ED.) Is this what America wants ? No !". Tuesday, 2 June, Donald Trump has called on the governors to stand firm to "control their streets," and that he was prepared to deploy the army to "quickly solve the problem for them".

police Violence in the US : what is it ?
Date Of Update: 05 June 2020, 05:57

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