Josefa Schmid: Bremen boss is transferred

The new head of the Bremen authority had raised serious accusations in a report on the affair of questionable asylum decisions. Now it should be used elsewhere.

Josefa Schmid: Bremen boss is transferred

The new head of Bremen branch of Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has been transferred in short term. The Federal Ministry confirmed a report by Passauer Neue Presse, according to which Josefa Schmid is no longer active in Bremen. This implementation also succeeds "for your own protection," said a spokeswoman. According to report, it was immediately transferred to Bavarian Deggendorf. She didn't know about dismissal until Tuesday evening.

On that day, an internal report had caused Schmid's stir. In this she raised serious accusations against headquarters in affair about questionable asylum decisions. The spokesperson for Ministry of Interior stressed that, according to current knowledge, No se factual basis exists for assertion of a possible involvement of headquarters. The report ' is not enough to prove allegations '.

Schmid's predecessor is said to have granted asylum to at least 1,200 people wrongly. The Public prosecutor's Office refore determines, among or things, Schmid's predecessor. According to internal report, extent of unlawfully granted asylum decisions is considerably greater. Also central office should have had hints on it earlier.

Schmid does not want to accept discontinuation. However, she failed with a urgent application at Administrative court in Bremen. Although "implementation" was formally illegal, since Staff Council was not involved, Schmid did not credibly demonstrate that "implementation" threatened serious and unreasonable disadvantages, it was said in explanatory memorandum. A complaint to administrative court is possible against decision.

Updated Date: 10 May 2018, 12:03

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