Carlos Ghosn : from arrest to appearance in public, the key dates

Carlos Ghosn sees the end of the tunnel? After more than a month in the hands of the justice of the japanese, the businessman franco-lebanese will finally appea

Carlos Ghosn : from arrest to appearance in public, the key dates

Carlos Ghosn sees the end of the tunnel? After more than a month in the hands of the justice of the japanese, the businessman franco-lebanese will finally appear in public for the first time since his arrest, on the 8th of January next. For nearly two months, the case continues to bounce between diplomatic, tensions between the members of the auto alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors, and charges in cascade.

● November, 19: the arrest

November 19th, shortly after 16h (local time), the powerful boss of the auto alliance franco-japanese is welcomed upon his arrival at the Tokyo airport by officials of the office of the prosecutor of the japanese capital. Report to his or her placement in police custody and take him quickly to the detention centre in Kosuge, sad reputation. His right arm, the American Greg Kelly, suffered the same fate. In parallel, the agents perquisitionnent the headquarters of Nissan in Yokohama, as well as the apartment of Carlos Ghosn.

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a Few hours later, the director-general of Nissan, Hiroto Saikawa, denounces the "financial practices unacceptable and serious" by Carlos Ghosn and states that his business is going to ask for the departure of the man of affairs of the office of president. The Elysée palace said that the French State will be "extremely vigilant with respect to the stability of the alliance and the Renault group". For its part, the French manufacturer promises to meet promptly its board of directors. Renault collapses in the stock market.

● the End of November: the fall

The day after his arrest, Renault entrusts "to the provisional title of" the control of the company to Thierry Bolloré, number two in the constructor, while retaining Ghosn the CEO position. On 22 November, the board of directors of Nissan dismisses, unanimously, Carlos Ghosn from his position of president, while confirming that "the partnership of long standing alliance sealed with Renault," remains intact. Four days later, it is the turn of Mitsubishi Motors to revoke it. On 29 November, the three companies reaffirm that the fall of the man of affairs does not call into question their alliance.

In parallel, the custody of Carlos Ghosn is extended from 10 days on the 21st, and then again on 30 November and throughout the month of December. Recently, a court in Tokyo has again extended the detention of the CEO of Renault on Monday the 31st of December, until the 11th of January at least. On several occasions, the japanese media are pointing the finger at the train of life that is particularly expensive to Carlos Ghosn the expense of Nissan. According to the newspaper Nikkei, the leader would have benefited from several residences in France, the netherlands, Brazil as well as in Lebanon, the housing used for personal use. For the time being, the justice japanese do, however, is not expressed on these topics.

The French government remains cautious about the accusations against Carlos Ghosn: on 22 November, Bruno Le Maire, receives its japanese counterpart at Bercy. Three days later, he announces that the CEO of Renault will not be removed from office without the "burdens tangible". On 30 November, Emmanuel Macron talks with the japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires. The Elysée conjures up an "exchange summary" during which the French president has pointed to its commitment to ensure that the auto alliance is preserved.

● December: the charges specified

On December 10, the custody of Carlos Ghosn and his right arm is extended. The CEO is indicted for failing to report to market authorities 38 million euros in revenue between 2010 and 2015. At the same time, the extension of his custody is justified by a new prosecution, concealment of income, this time of € 31 million between 2015 and 2018. Greg Kelly would be involved in these financial arrangements. On the 21st of December, in the aftermath of a rejection of an extension of the police custody of Carlos Ghosn, the prosecutors, the japanese added a third investigation, accusing the officer of having made a cover for Nissan losses on personal investments, in the context of the financial crisis of 2008. Amounted to 14.1 million euro, these losses would have been covered by a subsidiary of Nissan. In total, the leader was thus indicted only once, but it is covered by the three surveys.

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It therefore remains in detention, while his right arm was freed on bail on 25 December, in exchange for 70 million yen (eur 560,000). His wife had denounced, on 19 December, an "international conspiracy" and a "betrayal" of the leaders of Nissan to take control of the japanese automaker. For their part, the daughters of Carlos Ghosn, interviewed by the New York Times , see it as an "uprising of Nissan" against Renault, in which their father would be a collateral victims: "this is not a terrorist, this is not El Chapo. Every detail we learn, we break the heart," says Caroline Ghosn.

on The 18th, Hiroto Saikawa, director general of Nissan and ancient near Carlos Ghosn met the number two of Renault, Thierry Bolloré, to Amsterdam to talk about the future of the alliance. The two men evoke a conversation "productive". The day before, Nissan fails to designate its new president, and Saikawa refuses to convene an urgent extraordinary general meeting of its shareholders.

● To a public hearing on January 8,

This Friday, the lawyers of Carlos Ghosn have filed a special request for an appearance of their client. This last is based on article 34 of the japanese Constitution, and seeks to compel the attorney to clarify publicly the reason for his detention extended for more than a month. Justice japanese can not refuse this request which will allow the businessman to appear in person with counsel. The hearing will be held January 8, at 10: 30, local time.

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