Drone shot down by Iran: several airlines avoid now the strait of Hormuz

At the centre of tensions between Iran and the United States, the strait of Hormuz becomes an area to be avoided absolutely by the airlines. This Friday, severa

Drone shot down by Iran: several airlines avoid now the strait of Hormuz

At the centre of tensions between Iran and the United States, the strait of Hormuz becomes an area to be avoided absolutely by the airlines. This Friday, several of them have taken a position to reassure their passengers, stating that their aircraft do survoleraient't this air-space, considered as too dangerous.

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Thursday, the agency responsible for civil aviation, u.s. Federal aviation administration (FAA), started the ball rolling by prohibiting emergency american carriers from flying over the airspace controlled by Iran over the strait of Hormuz and gulf of Oman. "The risk to civil aviation in the united states is demonstrated by the surface to air missile iran has shot down a system of u.s. aircraft without a pilot", she justified, explaining that the devices could be victims of an "identification error". Later, the organisation has stated that the civil aircraft to the nearest was just 45 nautical miles (or 83 kilometers) to the drone shot-down us this week. "At the time of interception, many of the aircraft of civil aviation operating in the region," she added.

the decision of The FAA had been anticipated by United Airlines, which had suspended its flights between Newark, near New York, and Mumbai, India. Carriers Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are immediately bent. Scrutinized carefully by the international operators, to the warning of the us agency has quickly resulted in a succession of announcements from companies that want to reassure their passengers about the safety of their own flights, and left to extend slightly their journeys. British Airways, Qantas, Emirates Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Flydubai, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, ANA holdings, Japan Airlines or Malaysia Airlines have all decided to avoid flying over the area of the strait of Hormuz, which is considered too dangerous for the moment. At the same time, Norwegian Air and Etihad Airways have stated that they monitored the situation and waited for more information to modify their plans of volume

Lufthansa, as well, has "decided to bypass the strait of Hormuz in the gulf", a decision due to the indications of the FAA. The company will continue to monitor developments in the region, and "will adjust to its flight plan, if it's needed". Flights to Tehran will continue all the same to leave, and "other parts of the airspace" of the country will remain overflown, she explained.

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The escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran is of concern to the international community - to Watch on Figaro Live

on his side, Air France has insisted that its devices were flying over, usually not in this area and therefore were not concerned. The company tricolor "on-stream analysis in the areas of overview which may present a risk with the French authorities and the regional authorities, anywhere in the world." Depending on the geopolitical context, the flight plans are then adapted accordingly, "in order to ensure the highest level of security of flights". Ensuring that safety is its "absolute priority", its partner KLM said in a statement that the incident which led to the destruction of a drone u.s. was a "reason for not flying over the strait of Hormuz for the time being", a "precautionary measure", and should therefore last as long as the voltages remain at a high level.

Tensions peak between Washington and Tehran

These ads occur the day after a week marked by an escalation of tensions between Tehran and Washington. On Thursday, Tehran has shot down a drone spy american RQ-4, an act classified as an "enormous mistake" by the occupant of the White House on Twitter. The iranian authorities argue stubbornly that the device had entered its airspace, a charge the u.s. government denies. The the deputy foreign minister of iran, Abbas Araghchi, stated, inter alia, to hold "irrefutable evidence" of the presence of the drone in the sky of iran. Iran is also said to have launched two warnings before shooting the device american.

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on Thursday evening, according to the New York Times , Donald Trump has even endorsed a military operation targeting the iranian nuclear facilities, before changing your mind at the last moment, while the aircraft had already taken off. On Friday, government sources in iran have indicated that the u.s. president has delivered a message in which he said he "was against a war with Iran, calls for dialogue, and gives them a "short time" for him to provide an answer.

Updated Date: 23 June 2019, 00:00

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