In Nairobi, Macron makes new commitments to the planet

"We must fundamentally change our model and restore the environment at the heart of the market economy. We must put the fight against climate change and for bi

In Nairobi, Macron makes new commitments to the planet

"We must fundamentally change our model and restore the environment at the heart of the market economy. We must put the fight against climate change and for biodiversity at the heart of each investment, enterprise choice, the choice of our countries and our cities (...) I take all my hand", has launched Emmanuel Macron at the "One planet summit". After Paris and New York, it is in Kenya, in Nairobi, the headquarters of the united Nations Program for environment (UNEP), the UN agency dedicated to the environment, that we are holding the third edition of this summit. The objective of the meetings is to "raise the ambitions on the climate, to affirm, that the dynamics of Paris is on, and highlight the key role of Africa in the implementation of this agreement", says one to the Elysium. The "One planet Summit is a way to organize our collective action (...) to create a coalition of initiatives, actions, transformations," noted Emmanuel Macron.

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At this summit, the international community is primarily engaged in two areas of renewable energy, and particularly solar, and the fight against deforestation. Thus, to bring light into all the villages of Africa, Emmanuel Macron, has defended the model of Kenya, where 75% of the electricity is provided by renewables. To this end, the head of State announced an additional contribution of 500 million euros to the Alliance solar international, bringing its investment in this coalition to 1.5 billion euros by 2022. The initiative was launched by France and India during the conference of Paris for the climate in December 2015. The Alliance for solar aims to massively reduce the cost of solar energy to facilitate the deployment in the 121 countries with strong sunlight.

For the moment, 850 million euros were already invested by France to finance 34 projects in 23 member countries of the alliance. "Although Africa is responsible for only a very small part of the emissions of greenhouse gases, the continent is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change," says one to the Elysium. "The continent is a driving force, in particular on the development of renewable energies and the preservation of biodiversity", says one to the ministry of the ecological Transition.

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Call to action to fight against deforestation

The president was also directed to take action to preserve biodiversity. In addition to support for the national call to action to fight against deforestation launched by the presidents of Kenya, Congo and Madagascar, the head of State announced the creation of a "facility for biodiversity" in the amount of 10 million euros. "We have to build concrete solutions to recreate the forest", said Emmanuel Macron. The tenant of the Elysée has also welcomed the commitments of the major international donors and companies who worked to build initiatives with local partners. "Our collective responsibility is to develop, and allow them to make that faster," defends Emmanuel Macron.

Since the country of Wangari Maathai, the first african woman to be awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2004 for her "contribution to sustainable development, the French development Agency (AFD) has also announced a new credit line of 120 million euros, dedicated 100% to initiatives to preserve the planet.

members Of the One Planet Lab also participate in the summit. This focus group of 30 influential individuals, such as Emmanuel Faber, Joseph Stiglitz or Ellen MacArthur, is in charge of identifying and defending objectives clear and accessible to preserve the planet.

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These commitments are announced at the same time that the four NGOS who accuse the French State of climate inaction have filed a recourse before the administrative court and the eve of a global march for the climate, at the initiative of the international movement Youth for Climate. "The youth has reason to be impatient, we do that too soon," replied Emmanuel Macron. "The only answer that we need to make to our youth, these are not words, but actions and this is what we are doing collectively here, we are in the process of building a new model", has launched Emmanuel Macron from the stands at the One summit planet.

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