Museum and Covid : an opening in mid-may, 2021, without pass health

a MUSEUM and COVID - president of the Republic spoke on Wednesday 31 march 2021 a progressive reopening of the institution's cultural in mid-may 2021. The open

Museum and Covid : an opening in mid-may, 2021, without pass health

a MUSEUM and COVID - president of the Republic spoke on Wednesday 31 march 2021 a progressive reopening of the institution's cultural in mid-may 2021. The opening will occur without the use of the pass health, but thanks to mass vaccination, according to the words of the minister of Health Olivier Véran.

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[updated march 31, 2021 to 21h42] on Wednesday 31 march 2021, the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has provided additional information on the timetable for the reopening of cultural venues and restaurants during his televised speech : "from mid-may, we will be able to reopen gradually the country," he announced. " We're going to build, between mid-may and the beginning of the summer, a calendar of progressive reopening for the culture, sport, leisure, event management, our cafes and restaurants ", promised the head of State.

On 25 march, the minister of Health Olivier Véran had given his point of view on the re-opening of the cultural venues and restaurants in the course of a debate on the health crisis in the national Assembly. According to his words, these institutions currently closed could "reopen gradually" without having to use the pass health . The use of a " immunization coverage satisfactory" , 10 million vaccination anti-Covid by mid-April, and then 20 million by mid-may and 30 million by mid-June, would be the key to their progressive reopening.

By then, "I think we will be out of the wave, and so that we will be able to reopen already a number of places", he said. The re-opening of the cultural institutions will be " in descending order of dangerousness in light of the viral contamination ", he said. The reason why the minister of Health does not wish to have recourse to pass health is that its implementation is fraught with many obstacles. "This raises questions of an ethical, scientific, legal and technical important", he explained to the national Assembly.

The pass health, different from a "passport vaccine", which would be "to have an application on which you can return your PCR tests negative, your certificates of non-symptoms, if applicable, the certificate of vaccination," according to the words of the deputy minister of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, would, therefore, be considered as a last resort to get into the museum, the theater or in a concert hall.

The opening of the museums top the list of the cultural institutions closed

museums and monuments, closed since 30 October, last shall be first summoned to the re-opening" , has assured the 8 February, the minister of culture Roselyne Bachelot during a video conference in the presence of the presidents of the Louvre and the Orsay Museum, Mucem, the Museum of confluences, and the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille. The green light will be given by the minister of Health Olivier Véran. The government spokesman Gabriel Attal has also specified the tracks considered for the re-opening : "gauges reduced", "appointment for you, a referent Covid in each museum to ensure the respect of gestures barrier".

If so, for the time, no deadline has been advanced, it will take " visibility of a fortnight " was added to the Culture minister. Another priority in the re-openings : " arts and cultural education ", is the conservatories and schools of music . In other hand, the government has said that the cinemas would be the last in the list of cultural institutions to reopen, after the museums, monuments and theatres, including the concerts standing. During the weekly press conference Thursday, 4 February, the Prime minister, Jean Castex had already announced : "The Culture minister Roselyne Bachelot has been working with professionals to establish a distinction between the cultural institutions receiving public capital, such as museums, where we could have an earlier opening than for other institutions."

Closed for nearly a year, the professional organizations call on the minister of Culture, in an open letter entitled " A year without an audience : the culture sacrificed "to déconfiner culture, under conditions compatible with the operation and the economic model of the individual," and ask for "the continuation of the negotiations for the progressive reopening of the cultural institutions".

A health protocol hardened to the reopening of the museum

the ministry of culture is considering a new health protocol, harder than previously, in the museums. "Many things have been put on the table, as the inscription in the upstream of visits, hours of opening and closing not to increase the flow of people in the transport, the creation of a referent Covid establishment, development, and incitement to download the app TousAntiCovid, the issue of school groups, the weekend...," said a relative of the minister of culture Roselyne Bachelot in the World.

Date Of Update: 01 April 2021, 05:57

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