Parents want to force the State to reveal what brands sell layers toxic

New twist in the case of diapers for babies "toxic". On Tuesday, three parents decided to enter the Council of State to force the government to disclose the n

Parents want to force the State to reveal what brands sell layers toxic

New twist in the case of diapers for babies "toxic". On Tuesday, three parents decided to enter the Council of State to force the government to disclose the names of the brands concerned by the report published in January on the toxic chemicals present in the layers. Warned by the lack of response of the State to their queries, they are accompanied in their efforts by the Association to the health of children (APS), formerly known as the Association of the victims of the milk Lactalis.

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"We attack the State" by filing a petition referred to the Council of State, explains the APS on his site. "On the same day of the publication of the report last January, the APS ", urged in a letter the three departments to give the names of the brands involved and to take immediate action to protect the children concerned". However, the applications of the organization have remained a dead letter. The current approach of the APS is, therefore, that brands are finally revealed. It also calls for a "withdrawal/recall of the layers involved, because of their risk to the health of children".

Questioned by our colleagues from the Paris , the Directorate-general for competition, consumption and repression of fraud (DGCCRF) said that the report of January is based on "a representative panel": "point a finger at a mark would suggest that another is better then what we did can not be analyzed", which would be the equivalent of "falsely reassuring" the consumers, to warrant the services of the State. In addition, the different tests used for the report back in 2017: "these controls are so dated" and do not take into account potential changes made by the manufacturers in the composition of the layers. The DGCCRF account get a new list by the end of the year, update, complete, and public: "we will publish the names of references for which problems have been highlighted".

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A line of argument that leaves the APS undecided: president iconic, Quentin Guillemain, "the argument of the authorities is fallacious". For him, when there is a "health risk, immediate action must be taken and it is the responsibility of the State to inform parents of the marks to avoid." "It's amazing that they have this type of response, he commented to the Figaro , is not expected to test all of the brands of a product to make a decision when it comes to a matter of public health!".

The parents engaged so they will wait to "see what gives" the application for interim relief. "A petition is in progress, it has collected more than 50,000 signatures," is also reminiscent of Quentin Guillemain, who want to pursue a job of raising awareness with lawmakers to urge them to legislate on the subject. "One does not choose always the layer that we give to our children, by example at the nursery, in the guards for the community or in the hospital. This is of concern, it is necessary to act so that the composition is clearly known and compulsory", he says.

"This is no longer possible!"

last January, a report from the national Agency of health security that draws a panorama of concern on the composition of disposable diapers for babies. All the brands tested were "thresholds are exceeded health to at least one chemical substance," explained the director-general delegate of the organization in Figaro , Gérard Lasfargues. Hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, pesticides... "In total, some sixty substances have been measured, and exceedances of the thresholds have been appraised to thirteen of them", added the expert. The agency recommended to eliminate - or at least, to limit - these products and better control the layers sold to parents.

Under pressure, manufacturers of layer have, therefore, taken at the beginning of February, the five "commitments" to reassure the public. They certified such that no layer with "substances intentionally added potentially allergenic effects to the skin" was placed on the French market, and promised to tell "the components of lying babies on their packaging". But, for Quentin Guillemain, the manufacturers have not kept their word. "Commitments have been made, but nothing was written. There is no information: they play the shows, save time, and, during this time, selling millions of layers that are dangerous to our children. It is no longer possible!" he laments.

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In addition, these promises were not sufficient to cover an absent center: the names of the brands targeted by the report of January were still not known. A failure to fulfil obligations against which insurgent advocate of the APS and of the three parents involved, Corinne Lepage: in a letter sent to three government departments, in early February, the former Environment minister, denounced a policy of "permissive [...] neither acceptable nor legal". The representative, therefore, called for the "immediate suspension of the placing on the market, the manufacture, import and export of these layers, as well as a "complete information to the public on the toxicity of layers". The procedure of this Tuesday is intended to compensate for the lack of government response to these queries.

Updated Date: 12 June 2019, 00:00

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