Station F changes size with the creation of 600 homes for entrepreneurs

Two years after its opening, the incubator for start-ups founded by Xavier Niel changes size. At the reception, it adds that of the entrepreneurs. Remote a fift

Station  F  changes size with the creation of 600 homes for entrepreneurs

Two years after its opening, the incubator for start-ups founded by Xavier Niel changes size. At the reception, it adds that of the entrepreneurs. Remote a fifteen-minute bike or scooter-electric Station F, rise the three towers of brand-new Flatmates, to Ivry sur Seine. This set consists of 100 apartments, an accommodation capacity of 600 entrepreneurs in a shared flat. Again, the investment is carried out by Xavier Niel, founder and main shareholder of Free, which will have disbursed a total of € 250 million for the two facilities: Station F and Flatmates.

In both cases, there was no question of generating profits, the idea being that the structures are at equilibrium. This should quickly be the case as applications for housing are many of the part of the young creators of start-up. They do not have CDI, or three times the amount of rent required. Flatmates is tailor-made for them, with simple accommodation at 399 euros per month, a "Premium", with a private bathroom at 548 euros and doubles for couples. The kitchen is shared between the occupants of the apartment.

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"Tinder co-location"

For the selection of roommates, space and technology. The managers of Flatmates rely on Whoomies, a start-up hosted in the founders program Station "F", a sort of Tinder co-location. "It is not to put only clones in a home, but just people who have some affinity," says a spokesperson. After a few misses the first year in the management of the huge building of Station F (34.000 square meters in the (XIII), not a matter of taking the same risks to the housing. The management of which is entrusted to Engie Axima. As to the animation of the many common areas: gym, cinema corner, corner music, laundry service/library, it is entrusted to a director of the community, who will live on site with his family and will be supported by a wizard. The first dwellings are occupied for the past few days, the common areas should be completed at the end of the summer. This will add a grocery store/café. "And there is a large Carrefour just next to it is practice," insisted the spokesman, who states "Flatmates is above all a place of life and relaxation. For the work, it is at Station "F". Finally, an agreement has been reached with the owner of scooters electric Dot that will make gear available to occupants for their trips. Everything is planned to welcome in the garden of Flatmates, they do but continued to be stationed not on the floor. Cycling enthusiasts can park in the underground parking of the residence.


After a first year marked by some malfunctioning hardware, Station " F " has found its cruising speed. Even if improvements can still be made, especially concerning the exchanges between the entrepreneurs and the interactions between the different programs. The space, vast and calm, is conducive to the work. Entrepreneurs meet investors, representatives of the technology coming to give them advice or come up with their own products. The startuppeurs be in a hurry to integrate the place. From June 2018 to June 2019, 1217 start-up are placed by Station F. In June 2019, 1013 are there. To give visibility to the success stories, Station F has decided to launch its TOP-30, which recognizes companies who have raised considerable funds, or have been redeemed, those that display the strongest growth , create more jobs , while being consistent with the values of Station F (diversity and social impact and societal positive). It is also the case of Foodviser, that from a simple photo allows to determine the number of calories contained in a plate and establishes a nutritional coaching. Ovrsea has developed a system to facilitate the management of shipments of goods abroad, or PayCar, a payment system dedicated to used cars.

at the same time, Station F will launch an event dedicated to women entrepreneurs, F For Women, which will take place on the 1st of October next. "We want to put forward the women with the most iconic on the topic, but also remember that they raise less funds than men," stresses a spokesman for Station F, which sees this event as an opportunity to highlight the women in the eyes of investors.

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