The return of retro products in the big distribution

In the supermarket, customers have this annoying habit of directing it to the products they know, when they're not in to the promotions. The brands take advant

The return of retro products in the big distribution

In the supermarket, customers have this annoying habit of directing it to the products they know, when they're not in to the promotions. The brands take advantage of these gestures “to reassure” it by editing the products to the packaging retro and childish, like little madeleines of Proust sown in the stalls.

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Intermarché has understood. This year, the brand celebrated its 50 years and for the occasion, one of the giants of the great French distribution has chosen to republish a series of mythic products, in packaging vintage, to recall their appearance timeless. Galettes St Michel, mustard Amora in the likeness of Cartoon, pot of cream, Nivea... as Many products as we well know, large and small.

The Coca-cola brand celebrates her one hundred years of residency in France. For the occasion, she threw a bottle customizable sporting the famous pin-up of the brand of soda the most drunk in the world. Danone, which celebrates him as its hundred years, has signed a major advertising campaign from January to march 2019 on its famous yogurt in the glass jar then in plastic, by means of old advertising posters re-edited and with commercials emphasizing the aspect unchanged yoghurt French.

"The back allows you to reassure the consumer: he insists on the timelessness of the brand, the fact that the product is shared by several generations. This gives a certain confidence and an aspect of inter-generational," explains Marie-Cécile Cervellon, a professor of marketing at Edhec, marketing specialist said "nostalgia".

In the same line, a few years ago reappeared in the stalls, the vegetables of yesteryear (parsnips, carrots, colorful, turnips, black radishes) who have seen their sales increase rapidly. "Behind these forgotten vegetables, the consumer can see the idea of an agriculture that is more responsible to" develop Marie-Cécile Cervellon.

The trend of the retro has the wind in its sails

The vintage is not limited to the food sector. Fashion, automobile, decoration, etc. It attracts a fringe of the population who is sometimes ready to pay pretty sums of money for the acquisition of objects for collectors. "The retro attracts many young people, even the very young. This is due to the fact that brands manage to combine the authenticity to a certain degree of modernization," says the specialist. The success of brands Fila or Champion among young people has been dramatic in recent years. Similarly, the reissue of the basketball Stan Smith's, dating back to 1964, was all the rage. Because this vintage look has also a certain idea of the quality: materials, techniques used, durability in time. As many of the criteria valued in the fashion industry.

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The sport is no exception to this trend: the brand's Sport Era, founded in 2007, embodies this mix between authenticity and modernity. It now encounters a great success in France, thanks to its retro swimwear. Similarly, the music industry is not left out: the vinyls throw a little at the music market, physical industry itself in bern. In 2018, this are 4 million copies of vinyl records have been sold, five times more than in 2013, according to a study of the SNEP (Syndicat national de l'édition phonographique). Last novelty, which is not really one: the re-editions of audio cassettes by some of the artists, whose titles are at the top of the charts in the United States.

Finally, the retro does sell because "it embodies in the collective imagination of a prosperous period of French society, that of the certainty and of the economic image," after Marie-Cécile Cervellon, who adds that "these products are the creators of link between generations". Locked in an economic climate slowed down, consumers seem to hang on to what is one of today's myths, the products of the cults of that time, that some regret, without even having known.

Updated Date: 03 September 2019, 00:00

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