Calviño defends that the Government is working on "a reversible lane" on the AP-4 and that it complied by eliminating the toll

CÁDIZ, 12 Aug.

Calviño defends that the Government is working on "a reversible lane" on the AP-4 and that it complied by eliminating the toll


The First Vice President of the Government and Acting Minister for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, stated this Saturday in view of the problems of traffic jams on the AP-4 motorway due to various circumstances that "the Government of Spain is absolutely committed to improving the infrastructures of Andalusia".

In this sense, he has argued that "the Ministry of Transport is already analyzing the different options to improve the situation, including a possible reversible lane", to which he has added that "we are acting in Tres Caminos, and in all that are the connections keys to the province and we will continue along the same lines", he explained in statements to the media in Cádiz, where he has come to give an account of the formalization of his candidacy to preside over the European Investment Bank (EIB).

"We fulfill our commitment to remove the toll from the AP4, an infrastructure that is absolutely strategic, critical, not only in Andalusia but for our country as a whole", said the acting vice-president and minister, who acknowledged that That decision "has led to an increase in traffic on this road."

Calviño has put homework on the Andalusian Government after arguing that "it will also be important to analyze the options that the Junta de Andalucía has" in improving the infrastructures of the province after explaining that "a significant part of this traffic is directed precisely to the coasts and The solution may also involve the improvement of some infrastructures that are regional in scope".

"The Minister of Transport has already announced here that the different options are being analyzed, including a reversible lane so that as soon as possible we can improve traffic flows in the province and between Seville and Cádiz and the rest of the infrastructures in Andalusia", said Calviño, who has assured that "the process is already underway, the tenders are underway and we are advancing as quickly as possible so that all connectivity in the entire bay of Cádiz is improved as soon as possible".

"I love this province very much and therefore I am glad that progress is being made as quickly as possible in improving the province's connectivity", assured the acting vice-president and minister.

Questioned as to whether the AP4 motorway will no longer be paid for, given the commitments made with the European Union on the stability program for the Spanish economy, she has argued that "what I can guarantee is that the government led by Pedro Sánchez meets its commitments", to then recall that "the Government of Spain announced that it was going to remove an unfair toll" after making it clear that it was "an infrastructure that was already more than amortized and that was also essential for the flow of citizens and businessmen between Seville and Cádiz and for all this part of Andalusia and our country".

"That was the commitment and it was fulfilled as it could not be otherwise with a serious and responsible government committed to this province", stressed the vice president and minister, who has refused to confirm if it will be paid again to maintain that "I insist on that we have fulfilled our commitments".

"That's why I insist that we have to work at the State level, we are working and I think that we also have to work at the level of the Junta de Andalucía to see how traffic conditions in this area can be improved and, above all, the strategic connections from the point of view of citizens and businessmen", he stressed.