Different Types of Floor Cleaners Used in Professional Cleaning

Investing in floor cleaning equipment is a crucial decision every janitorial business needs to make

Different Types of Floor Cleaners Used in Professional Cleaning

Investing in floor cleaning equipment is a crucial decision every janitorial business needs to make. Cleaning and polishing floors take up a large chunk of overall tasks every cleaning service undertakes, and clients are almost always pleased when the floors are gleaming and clean. Fortunately, there are different types of cleaning equipment used today which can make the job a lot easier. However, not every cleaning service has the capital to invest or the immediate need to buy these pieces of equipment. 

The following are a few of the most common floor cleaning equipment used by professional janitorial services today. 

Floor stripping machine

Stripping floors is a time-consuming task and are usually undertaken when there is a need to refinish a floor completely. Stripping involves removing wax and all kind of debris stuck to the floor and crevices. A floor stripping machine is capable of eliminating deep-seated dirt which is a prerequisite to refinishing and making the floor ideal and safer for foot traffic. 

Not every cleaning service specialise in floor stripping because it is a difficult job and requires great skill. If your company specialises in floor stripping, you can buy a refurbished floor stripping machine which is less expensive than brand-new equipment. However, you need to take time and inspect the quality of the product to ensure that you are buying high-quality used equipment. 

Floor scrubbers

A floor scrubber is another sophisticated cleaning machine used in commercial premises. Depending on the features of a floor scrubber, it can simultaneously sweep and scrub large surfaces within a short amount of time. These scrubbers have brushes that apply cleaning solution to the floor, while the dirt and residue get collected behind the machine by a series of squeegees. Using a floor scrubber will leave floors clean and dry in one sweep which ensures very little disruption to the area. 

Floor polishers

A floor buffer or polisher is ideal for hard flooring in schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and warehouses. Floor polishers can dislodge dust and dirt while at the same time polishing the floor, resulting in a dry and shiny surface. Floor polishers can work with almost any type of flooring material such as wood, linoleum, stone, and concrete. 

Floor Sweepers

A floor sweeper is the most basic alternative to manual sweeping. This cleaning equipment range from battery-operated models, to heavy-duty sweepers capable of extracting dust. A floor sweeper has brushes that rotate to gather dirt and deposit it into a hopper. You can change the brush depending on the type of dirt that needs removal. There are also ride-on floor sweepers for large areas such as factories and warehouses where you need to cover a vast space within a short amount of time. 

Vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is necessary when working with carpeted floors. A commercial vacuum cleaner comes in a range of features suitable for different types of floors. A vacuum cleaner can also be versatile and used in cleaning hard surfaces to remove deep-seated dirt or to clean wet patches.

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Updated Date: 27 March 2019, 02:28

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