Diglo (Santander) achieves a profit of 3 million in 2023 and launches a technological plan of 4 million

MADRID, 10 Mar.

Diglo (Santander) achieves a profit of 3 million in 2023 and launches a technological plan of 4 million


Diglo, Santander's 'servicer', achieved profits of three million euros in 2023, which is more than doubling its profit in 2022, when it recorded profits of one million euros, according to the bank's annual report.

In addition, it has launched a technology investment plan for the period 2024-2025 with an amount of more than four million euros.

The objective of the plan, as explained by sources from the 'servicer' to Europa Press, is to enhance the efficiency of daily internal procedures through automation and the application of artificial intelligence, which will result, in turn, in an improvement of the quality of customer service.

Regarding its activity during 2023, the firm has managed more than 400,000 contracts for debt recovery in the non-performing loan portfolio (NPL) business and has recorded a 10% increase in recovery rate on managed stock of non-performing loans with respect to 2022.

In addition, the portfolio turnover has been above 30% of the published properties, while in the business of managing real estate assets acquired in foreclosure processes (REOs), the 'servicer' has managed nearly 4,000 properties.

It should be remembered that Diglo began operating at the beginning of 2022, as a real estate 'servicer' for the Santander Group under the umbrella of Deva, with a total portfolio of more than 5,000 million euros in assets.

Its function is to manage assets acquired in foreclosures (REOs) and non-performing loans (NPLs) both from the Santander Group and from third parties. In the REOs area, these 4,000 assets of various types are grouped (first homes, holiday homes, logistics assets, residential and offices) spread throughout Spain, while in the NPLs business they had around 200,000 at the beginning of their operations. contracts under management, of which 70% were from SMEs.

This 'servicer' has its headquarters in Madrid and has ten delegations distributed in seven territories; Western and Eastern Andalusia, Catalonia, Center, Levante, Northwest and North, although the network has coverage for all of Spain.