Grupo Greening will debut on April 17 at BME Growth with a valuation of 143 million

MADRID, 13 Abr.

Grupo Greening will debut on April 17 at BME Growth with a valuation of 143 million


The Greening Group will debut on April 17 in BME Growth at a price of 4.92 euros per share, which means a total valuation of the company of 143 million euros.

The board of directors of BME Growth has approved the incorporation of the group after having analyzed and studied all the documentation presented by the company and issued the favorable evaluation report of the Market Coordination and Incorporation Committee.

The company has set a reference value for each of its shares of 4.92 euros, which is the subscription price of the subscription offers for shares made by the company, which means that total valuation of the company of 143 million of euros.

The company's trading code will be 'GGR'. The company's registered advisor is GVC Gaesco Valores, while Banco Sabadell will act as liquidity provider.

Grupo Greening, a Granada company founded in 2011, specializes in the design, development and construction of self-consumption facilities, as well as large photovoltaic park projects. It develops its activity in Spain, Europe (Germany, France and Italy), the United States, Mexico and Morocco.

In addition, the company is specialized in providing energy services such as the generation and sale of renewable energy in its different modalities, and the manufacture of components for the renewable industry.

With a 10% stake in Banco Sabadell through Sinia Renovables, with its jump to BME Growth the group seeks to raise up to 23 million euros to finance its business plan.

The funds raised in its IPO will be used to finance the strategic plan and accelerate the growth of the company. Through this offer, the company expects to reach more than 10,000 managed photovoltaic self-consumption facilities by 2025, 500 megawatts (MW) of its own in operation, both in 'utility scale' and in PPAs and energy communities, as well as 30,000 customers in its energy retailer.

Until now, Greening has added 200 MW of installed capacity both in industrial self-consumption facilities for third parties and its own, both in traditional and 'PPA' modalities, carried out over the last few years in Europe and North America.

In addition, it has a portfolio of generation assets that reaches 4,152 MW in 'utility scale' mode, of which 196 MW are under development --which have reached or will reach the RTB phase during 2023-2024, that is, they are are in the finalist phase, where the licenses, authorizations, environmental permits, the rights to the land necessary for the construction, operation and evacuation of the plant are already insured.

On the other hand, it has a forecast of 62.5 MW of 'on-site' PPAs, among which are 11.7 MW of contracts signed to be executed in 2023 and 17.5 MW in execution.