Indexa Capital earned 410,000 euros, 3% more, after increasing turnover by 23%

MADRID, 27 Mar.

Indexa Capital earned 410,000 euros, 3% more, after increasing turnover by 23%


The manager Indexa Capital obtained a net profit of 410,000 euros in 2023, which represents an increase in profits of 3% compared to the previous year, despite the negative effect that the expenses associated with the stock market debut on the BME had on its accounts. Growth of the entity and which was carried out on July 12, according to the results presented this Wednesday by the firm.

The turnover volume has increased by 23% in 2023, obtaining 4.84 million euros compared to the income of 3.93 million registered in 2022 thanks to the increase in commissions received.

For its part, the gross margin has also grown by 25% in the year with a volume of 4.52 million euros, while the gross profit (before taxes) stood at 608,000 euros, 54% more.

The volume managed by the automated firm at the end of last year has grown by 38%, equivalent to 556 million euros, reaching 2,000 million, while the number of clients has increased by 15%, to 69,000 people, in comparison with the previous exercise.

Going into the details of the increase in asset volume, the net inflows were 330 million euros and the revaluation of the portfolios due to the market effect amounted to 226 million euros.

The net worth per client has also grown by 11%, reaching 26,300 euros; On the other hand, the average initial contribution from clients in 2023 has decreased by 2%, to 9,646 euros, while the average additional monthly contribution has been reduced by 13%, to 464 euros.

Indexa's average portfolio (with a risk of 6 out of 10) has obtained an accumulated net return of almost 46% since its founding in 2015 (which represents an annualized return of 4.8%), while clients who entered In 2016 they already have an average of 86,000 euros invested -not counting the returns obtained-.

Indexa, the ninth discretionary portfolio manager in Spain at the end of 2023 according to data from the sector's employers' association (Inverco), has indicated that it has had positive net contributions in every month since its founding, including those of the pandemic and the outbreak of the Ukrainian war.

"One of the reasons for Indexa Capital's listing in BME Growth was to be able to make acquisitions in Europe and this has become a reality with the acquisition of Caravel in March 2024," highlighted the directors and founders of the firm, François Derbaix, Unai Ansejo and Ramón Blanco, in the press release attached to the results.

On March 5, Indexa closed an agreement to acquire the French company Caravel for around 400,000 euros and strengthen its growth in France, while indicating that it was exploring the possibility of making more acquisitions in the future, whether in Spain, France or Belgium. .

"The objective is to grow with the products and countries in which we are already present, especially in investment fund portfolios and pension plans, in life savings insurance in France (such as Caravel) and with the Bewater II fund. ", they have added.