Isabel Rodríguez assures that small owners will not be "harmed" by the rental index

MADRID, 3 Mar.

Isabel Rodríguez assures that small owners will not be "harmed" by the rental index


The Minister of Housing and Urban Agenda, Isabel Rodríguez, has assured that the state rental price reference system, which for now will only be applied in Catalonia, will not "harm" small property owners and asks the rest of the autonomous communities to pay attention. the demands of the citizens because "it cannot be that by kicking the Government they deepen the great social wound."

This was stated by the minister in an interview in 'La Vanguardia', reported by Europa Press, in which she defends that the official rental index aims to respond to "big" dramas and change the housing market.

"I believe that this index is going to be useful in stressed areas because it involves price control. We are going to stop the increase in prices and, therefore, we are going to enable families to save between 1,500 and 800 euros per month," has pointed out.

Likewise, Isabel Rodríguez has called on the autonomous communities, except Catalonia, to take responsibility for addressing the right to access to housing and not to "evade" the social dramas that involve "allocating more than 40 percent percent of the salary to the rental income". "I ask the communities to listen to mayors who want to respond to their neighbors and also control rental prices. What cannot be is that by kicking the Government it deepens the great social wound," she indicated.

The minister considers that the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will not be able to withstand the pressure of not applying the Housing law because "society will know that if she acted she would be paying 1,000, 800 or 500 euros less in rent" and He adds that if she does not do so it is because "she only seeks to harm the Government of Spain."

Regarding the future land law, Isabel Rodríguez assures that they will prevent urban planning from being paralyzed due to errors that "are not substantive but can be corrected." "We are going to streamline urban planning approaches," she says, while revealing that the Ministry is considering modifying the Horizontal Property Law to consider tourist rentals a business. "The city model we want is not a theme park, we want livable cities," she says.

On the other hand, regarding José Luis Ábalos' decision to keep his seat in Congress, the minister shows her "absolute rejection and zero tolerance" and points out that, although no accusation or accusation is against him, "there is no "is only about assuming criminal responsibilities, but we must assume political responsibilities."