LLYC intends to double its business in three years and will invest 40 million to grow in key markets

It expects to reach 130 million euros in operating income in 2025, an Ebitda of 27 million and an 80% higher turnover.

LLYC intends to double its business in three years and will invest 40 million to grow in key markets

It expects to reach 130 million euros in operating income in 2025, an Ebitda of 27 million and an 80% higher turnover

The communication, digital marketing and public affairs consultancy LLYC has approved its 2023-2025 strategic plan, in which it plans to double its size in these three years and become a "more technological, international and egalitarian" firm.

The company's goal is to exceed 130 million euros in operating income by 2025, which will imply an 80% growth in its turnover compared to 72.7 million euros in 2022 and a gross operating result (Ebitda) of 27 million euros, with a rise of 68% in relation to 2022, maintaining a margin of 21%.

In the 2023-2025 period, LLYC plans to allocate around 40 million euros to make new acquisitions and continue growing in "key" markets: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the EU.

"It will invest in companies that allow the firm to continue increasing its access to exponential technologies, those that add to the growth goal in the United States and those that reinforce the firm's leadership in public affairs, without ruling out high value-added opportunities that can complement the catalog of solutions", stresses the firm.

The consultant has highlighted that the recent purchase of BAM in the United States will allow it to double its size in the country, where it intends to exceed 20 million euros in turnover in three years.

In addition, LLYC is studying opportunities to establish itself in Canada, a relevant country for extractive companies.

Regarding operations in Latin America, the firm points to Mexico and Brazil as the countries with the highest growth expectations due to their potential to continue developing.


LLYC's 'Deep Digital' unit, which integrates all service lines and artificial intelligence solutions, digital transformation and 'inbound' marketing, will be a "fundamental pillar" for the firm in the next three years.

Specifically, the consultant's objective is for this unit to account for half of the operating income by 2025, exceeding 60 million euros.

The founding partner and president of LLYC, José Antonio Llorente, has highlighted that, although the objectives set in the strategic plan are "ambitious", the company has shown that it keeps its promises.

"The firm has solid foundations to successfully face this strategic plan that we have set for ourselves. Within three years we want to be a larger and more technological firm, more international and egalitarian thanks to the efforts of professionals and the trust of clients", added Luisa García, partner and Global COO at LLYC.


The firm expects to double its customer billing volume in the socio-health industry, especially in the pharmaceutical field, and in extractive economies, mainly in Latin America.

LLYC's strategic plan also contemplates an investment of 3 million euros until 2025, at a rate of one million per year, for research, development and innovation (RD i).

The consultancy has specified that these resources will be focused on the development of data-based solutions for anticipation, design of strategies and measurement of results in marketing, communication and public affairs.

In addition, within the framework of advances in Artificial Intelligence, LLYC hopes to have automated up to 30% of its processes by the end of 2025.

The investment programmed for I D i is complementary to the 5 million euro endowment for LLYC Venturing, which will continue to identify 'startups' with the application of exponential technologies to the firm's disciplines in which to invest.

Another of the objectives that the consultant has set is to reach 2,000 employees in 2025 (66% more compared to the end of 2022), with gender equality (50% of management positions held by women) "and recognition in all operations as the best LGTBIQ place to work."

The firm will also implement a plan to reinforce the group's ESG policy to deepen its social and environmental commitments, and will approve a code of ethics for suppliers to guarantee that collaboration only occurs with those companies that meet basic criteria of conduct .