Léo: new season, same pleasure

There are these series that only get better as the seasons pass.

Léo: new season, same pleasure

There are these series that only get better as the seasons pass. And Leo is officially part of it.

Things have changed a lot since we left Leo, Cindy and their gang at the end of the third season of the irreverent comedy. Because this fourth batch of episodes, posted today on Club illico, takes an important leap into the future, propelling the inhabitants of Walton five years later.

Léo left the Dubeau Gateaux factory a long time ago, to devote himself entirely to his orchard, which he operates with his partner Chabot. Cindy has returned to the office while their son, Paul, is entering kindergarten.

In short, their daily life is transformed. But the transition is seamless. On the contrary, it brings a breath of fresh air to the small town of Walton and its inhabitants, preventing plots from stalling or, even worse, becoming redundant.

New avenues

The cards are therefore well shuffled, opening the door to a host of new avenues that the core of authors (excellent Fabien Cloutier, Sonia Cordeau, Steve Laplante and Erika Souci) will be able to explore at their leisure during the 12 new episodes of this penultimate season.

An example ? The separation of Nancy and Johnny, announced in the last moments of the third season, will have repercussions on these two characters, of course, but also on their entire group of friends. Other couples will also be put to the test, while some will forge new romantic bonds.

These characters, they are still and always the main strength of Leo. Because, beyond the plots, we become attached first and foremost to these colorful and unique people. We are therefore all the more pleased to see them gain in nuance and depth over the years.


If the pleasure is obvious to reconnect with Fabien Cloutier and Marie-Laurence Moreau, it is just as much for Marc Labrèche, Sandrine Bisson, Anne Dorval or Hubert Proulx.

We would also be remiss to ignore the arrival of Mélanie Ghanimé in the credits, hilarious as an office worker at Dubeau Gateaux. Obviously, the comedian is just as formidable in front of a camera as on a stage. Walton therefore seems to be the perfect place for her.