Mercadona invests 17.5 million this year in expanding and improving its network of stores in Seville

SEVILLA, 25 Ago.

Mercadona invests 17.5 million this year in expanding and improving its network of stores in Seville


Mercadona, a physical supermarket and online sales company, maintains its investment effort in the province of Seville, where this year it will allocate 17.5 million euros to expanding and improving its network of stores.

The company's objective is to continue advancing in the implementation of its new efficient store model, which optimizes the act of purchase by customers and allows energy consumption to be reduced by up to 40%, according to a press release.

Specifically, Mercadona has reopened this Friday the supermarket located in the Seville neighborhood of Cerro del Águila, on Avenida de Hytasa, after a comprehensive reform that has involved an investment of 3.4 million euros. 37 construction providers have participated in it, employing more than 70 people during the reform phase.

Likewise, on September 1, the supermarket located in the Alcalá Plaza Shopping Center, in Alcalá de Guadaíra, will reopen, also after a comprehensive reform. And before the end of the year, the company plans to open two new stores: in the municipality of Camas, which will mean the closure of the current one for not meeting the chain's standards, and in the Mirador de Santa Justa , in capital Seville.

All supermarkets will incorporate the new 'Ready to Eat' section, which has ready-to-eat dishes. The different options are served in containers made from natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper. In addition, the new store model includes, among other improvements, a new double-glazed entrance that prevents drafts, wider aisles, a new shopping cart model and a new basket-type cart model that is much more ergonomic and lightweight. .

This new generation of efficient supermarket has a totally renewed design compared to the previous store model, with new colors and materials, both on the exterior access façade and in the distribution of the different sections. It is also committed to wide and open spaces, which facilitate the entry of natural light, and warm colors in the delimitation of the different environments, the statement added.

Regarding the environmental aspect, measures have been taken to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to the conventional store model, such as improving thermal and acoustic insulation with the optimization of materials and the thickness of walls and ceilings, and new freezer cabinets that are more energy efficient and respectful of the environment. In addition, it has an automated LED lighting system that is regulated according to the zones and times of the day for much more efficient energy management.

With this new opening, customers will benefit from its well-known SPB (Always Low Prices) commercial policy, which the company uses exclusively and which consists of guaranteeing the lowest unit price of products, with the best quality, on a permanent basis. Thus, Mercadona can offer its customers, regardless of who manufactures the product, an efficient assortment with the highest quality and the lowest possible price.

Mercadona has 70 supermarkets in Seville (capital and province), of which 57 already respond to the new efficient store model, and a total workforce of more than 4,400 people with stable, quality employment. Purchases from suppliers in the province exceeded 900 million euros in the last financial year.