Nature trips narrow their positions compared to sun and beach trips among Spaniards

MADRID, 29 Oct.

Nature trips narrow their positions compared to sun and beach trips among Spaniards


Getaways to natural spaces are the best option for a third of Spanish travelers, with coastal tourism slightly above. Hiking and climbing are lately the most popular activities among those looking to disconnect, but other options are making their way such as safaris, kayaking or meditation and yoga retreats.

According to a survey carried out by the customized travel platform Evaneos, six out of ten nature fans prefer to stay in Spain for this type of nature getaway, and nine out of ten of those who have children say they take these trips as a family. .

Travelers mostly choose to visit European destinations, in 21% of cases, compared to another 15% who choose to enjoy nature destinations. And beyond the typical winter Christmas trips, the general trend points to the undeniable increase in the love among Spaniards for nature and adventure tourism.

One in three Spaniards (33%) assures that their favorite getaways are those in the mountains, forests and natural parks, a percentage that almost equals the traditional beach and coastal destinations, which continue to top the list of preferences, with 34 %. In fact, six out of ten Spaniards (63%) acknowledge that they take nature or adventure trips several times a year.

60% of those surveyed who are nature lovers acknowledge that they prefer to stay in Spain, while 30% choose to cross borders in search of these experiences.

Among the activities, hiking and climbing are, by far, the ones with the most followers (they are chosen by more than half of the fans of this type of getaway), followed by camping or glamping (27%) and horse riding. bicycle (25%).

Likewise, other less traditional activities are gaining followers, such as safaris (20%), canoeing or kayaking (20%) and other more spiritual activities, such as meditation and yoga retreats (12%).

A trend that continues is the preference of Spaniards to travel as a family. 91% of those consulted with children affirm that they go on nature getaways as a family. Furthermore, 28% say that having children has been an impetus to organize this type of trip.

Likewise, compared to other countries, where solo travelers are increasing, in Spain more than half of those surveyed by Evaneos reject the fact of traveling alone.

Among the reasons why some do not opt ​​for nature trips, it stands out that, for half of those consulted, there is a perception that they are expensive (49%), while 39% regret the lack of days available and/or the flexibility to choose the dates of your vacation.