Spending by international tourists in Spain grows more than 25% in January, exceeding 6.5 billion

There are almost 5 million visitors, 15.

Spending by international tourists in Spain grows more than 25% in January, exceeding 6.5 billion

There are almost 5 million visitors, 15.3% more than in the same month last year

The arrival of international tourists and tourist spending at the destination continue the positive trend registered in 2023 and at the beginning of the year they experience significant growth. Last January, a total of 4.8 million international tourists visited our country, 15.3% more than in January 2023, according to data published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Furthermore, Spain once again breaks its tourist spending record. Foreign visitors contributed some 6,550 million euros to the Spanish economy, which represents a growth of 25.5% compared to the figure for January of last year.

For the Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, the uninterrupted growth of both tourists and spending "must serve as a stimulus to continue helping the sector with public policies aimed at improving social, environmental and digital sustainability indices."

"Being a leading destination is always good news, and we must continue working to, in addition to leading tourists' preferences, position ourselves as a reference for the new global tourism industry," said the minister.

Each tourist spent an average of 1,374 euros in January, 8.9% more than last year, and spending per day also reflects this growth, reaching 158 euros, an increase of 6% year-on-year.


The United Kingdom continues, for another year, topping the list of tourist-sending countries in January, with 833,416 tourists and an increase of 12.3% compared to January 2023.

From France, the second country in visits, 571,774 arrived (18% more than a year ago) and from Germany, the third in the ranking, 551,305 tourists visited us (14.9% above the figure for January 2023 ).

Regarding the level of spending, the United Kingdom, with 16.4% of the total and a growth of 26.7%, is at the top among the issuing countries. Germany is the second country that spends the most, with 11.4% of the total and a growth of 25.5%.

In third place are the Nordic countries, with a share of 8.4% and an increase of 14.4% compared to a year ago, according to data from Border Movement Statistics (Frontur) released today by the INE.

At the head of the countries with the highest growth this January is Switzerland, with an increase of 32.1% compared to a year ago; In second place is Ireland, which experiences an increase of 26.9% and third place goes to the United States, which continues its upward path in 2023 with an increase of 23.7% year-on-year.

Spending on activities was the main item in January, with 23.5% of total spending and an increase of 24.0% compared to the same month in 2023, according to data from the statistical institute.

The next items were spending on international transportation (not included in the tourist package) and maintenance, with 22.1% and 16.5% of the total, respectively. The first increased by 25.9% and the second by 25.6%.

53.3% of total spending in January was made by tourists who spent the night in hotel accommodation, with an annual increase of 20.6%. For its part, spending on non-market accommodation grew by 22.5%.

The spending of tourists who did not travel with a tourist package increased by 25.7% in annual rate and that of those who contracted a tourist package increased by 24.9%.

Regarding the reason for the trip, tourists who visited Spain for leisure generated 80.5% of the total expenditure, with a disbursement 22.7% higher than January 2023. The number of tourists who stayed in hotels grew by 11 .4% while in rental housing it increased by 49.1%.


The Canary Islands was the first main destination for tourists in January, with 27.7% of the total. They were followed by Catalonia (20.1%) and Andalusia (14%). 9.2% more tourists arrived in the Canary Islands than in January 2023. The number of tourists who visited Catalonia increased by 20.3% and 17.4% more came to Andalusia.

The autonomous communities with the greatest weight in tourist spending in January were the Canary Islands (with 30.6% of the total), the Community of Madrid (17.7%) and Catalonia (16.0%). Tourist spending increased by 17% in the case of the Canary Islands, 34.3% in the Community of Madrid and 30.1% in Catalonia.