Telefónica has attracted 1,000 companies to 'LaCabina', its technology testing center in eight months

The "most" of the Ibex 35 has already passed through these facilities, according to the operator.

Telefónica has attracted 1,000 companies to 'LaCabina', its technology testing center in eight months

The "most" of the Ibex 35 has already passed through these facilities, according to the operator


'LaCabina', the "technological inspiration" center for the digital transformation of Telefónica's business environment, has received visits from representatives of more than 1,000 companies and public administrations since it began receiving clients in November 2022, the company has reported .

In its 2,200-square-meter facilities located in the Telefónica District in Madrid, there are around 200 solutions and products deployed, which is why, according to the company, this space has become the area with the most technological demonstrations with which Telefónica works within its 'Innovation and Talent Hub'.

Thus, around 3,200 representatives of companies of "all types of size and activity" have already visited 'LaCabina', including most of the Ibex 35 companies and institutions such as the Ministry of Health and the Community of Madrid.

CaixaBank, Repsol, Roche, Ilunion, World Duty Free Group or Instituto de Empresa are some of the private organizations that have attended this innovation center in person.

In the company's opinion, some of the solutions that have aroused the most interest are holographic telepresence, 3D and 360-degree vision of the robot dog Spot, and applications and solutions for the educational sector.

In addition, he highlighted the technologies of Tucuvi --a Telefónica partner-- which is specialized in the automation of medical telephone conversations through conversational artificial intelligence validated as a medical device.

Meanwhile, Accexible is a 'startup' that offers an alert system that makes it possible to detect diseases related to mental health and cognitive impairment, such as depression or Alzheimer's, through voice analysis and artificial intelligence.

"Being a space in constant evolution, 'LaCabina' has incorporated proposals from 13 'startups' that are part of the Wayra portfolio, Telefónica's open innovation initiative, and demonstrations from the innovation area of ​​Telefónica Spain that, thanks to technologies such as 5G SA (standalone), 'network slicing', 'edge computing' or millimeter networks mean that many of the developments in this space are two years ahead of what is being offered in the market", the company highlighted in a press visit.

Among the latest proposals incorporated into 'LaCabina', Telefónica has highlighted solutions that innovate in the development of the processes of any entity when it comes to managing resources and interacting with customers "beyond the counter".

It has also placed emphasis on demonstrations to facilitate learning, such as taking 'online' exams with guarantees or the 'gamification' of the e-learning offer, something that, as it has exemplified, makes it possible to acquire knowledge of mathematics and chemistry in an "creative and challenging".

To this is added the application of artificial intelligence to implement a 5G mobile network with predictive capacity to detect possible problems or anticipate user behavior in a few months or proposals to "democratize" holographic calls and increase the digitization of the workplace .

'LaCabina' is part of the Innovation and Talent Hub, an ecosystem of technological innovation and training initiatives that has the Telefónica District as its epicenter.