Telepizza closes 2023 with the opening of 22 new restaurants and more than 33.5 million pizzas sold

MADRID, 9 Feb.

Telepizza closes 2023 with the opening of 22 new restaurants and more than 33.5 million pizzas sold


Telepizza has sold 33.5 million pizzas in 2023 and has consolidated its restaurant network with the opening of 22 new locations in towns in provinces such as Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia, Catalonia and Madrid, exceeding its annual growth objectives, the company has reported. company in a statement.

Currently, Telepizza reaches more than 32 million customers and is the only brand with a presence in all cities with 40,000 inhabitants and in more than 100 municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants.

Furthermore, in 2023 it has seen consumption increase in its restaurant network by more than 27% compared to 2022, while the delivery service (home delivery) has remained the star service, concentrating a large part of the orders.

According to the brand, the pillars of this growth have been "constant product innovation and a differential promotional strategy", which have allowed it to "offer more products at the most competitive prices on the market and build unique experiences for its customers."

A survey of 2,000 consumers reveals that Telepizza has established itself as the most recognized pizza brand for 81% of Spanish consumers.

Thus, in 2023, Spaniards consumed more than 33.5 million Telepizzas, the same number as the population of Belgium, Greece and Sweden combined.

The night, which concentrated more than 70% of the orders, was the shift most chosen by customers and 9 p.m., the most frequent time. New Year's Day, Three Kings' Day and Night, and Halloween Night were the days with the highest consumption for the brand during 2023. In addition, Spaniards opted for Telepizza to enjoy the big soccer games.

In 2023, Telepizza has launched new references such as the Megamediana, the Pizza buffet menu and Endless Drink.

In addition, the brand has launched innovations such as La Famiglia Carbonara or Extremas de Queso.

The brand has accompanied these developments with a differential promotional strategy, offering products at competitive prices, the company has reported.

As indicated by the company, all these actions have made Telepizza "the only pizza brand recognized by consumers as one of the most innovative according to the Spanish Innovation Index (IEI)."

Closeness to consumers has been the general tone of Telepizza's strategy during 2023, which has materialized in its 'Long live the dough, there is the secret' campaign, which pays tribute to the customers who have chosen it for more than 35 years transmitting its values ​​generation to generation, and maintaining it as a leader in Spain.