The Belt Bible: Benefits and Effects of Training With a Belt

If we have not personally used a belt at the gym because we are not heavy lifters

The Belt Bible: Benefits and Effects of Training With a Belt

If we have not personally used a belt at the gym because we are not heavy lifters, we have seen people who do. The main theory of using a lifting belt is to minimize the risk of injuries. The hype around the belt would make anyone want to give it a try. But it is good to have important highlights before stepping into the action. So, this article will cover all that you need to know.

Benefits of Using a Lifting Belt

Numerous research reports have supported the fact that this belt has benefits. Otherwise, most lifters would not be using it today. Here are some of the benefits you should know.

·         Better and more reps - Increasing training intensity and volume guarantees an increase in mass and strength. The belt works best in increasing the reps in any workout without too much strain. Although the increase will not happen overnight, training consistently will lead to this result.

·         Increases lifting speed - This is another benefit that has been supported by facts. Some studies have shown that those who rely on a lifting belt can go faster with the bar than their counterparts who do not use it. Thus, there is also an increase in the volume of workouts and consequently the muscle mass and strength.

·         Better performance - The belt will increase your level of performance. But athletes who use products fromValkyrie Online to enhance their performance can get the full potential when they use the lifting belt. Thus, any athlete can feel free to use it in lifting.

·         Reduction of injuries - The belt is an excellent support for the core muscles. These muscles are responsible for supporting the whole body during any level of workouts. Therefore, it means that the chances of injuries are reduced with the support of a belt.

What Are the Effects?

The lifting belt has no major health effects. Studies have not compared the long-term effects of using it against not using one. However, the incorrect use of this gear can cause problems. A belt that is too tight can press against the muscles and hinder the blood flow to core muscles. This is worse if a lifter spends a lot of time in the gym with the belt on.

It is better to use it for a short time, like when doing heavy lifting, and then remove it. For ordinary chest presses, rows, push-ups, and many other exercises, you can do without the belt. Overreliance on the belt can make it difficult to train without one. This means you can not stay fit should anything happen to your belt.


The lifting belt may not be popular with ordinary fitness enthusiasts, but it is a must for experienced lifters. They understand what the belt bible is all about. For most of them, this is a perfect weapon that contributes to their success. Thus, they cannot go without one. If you want to join this category, you can buy a perfect belt from any reputable fitness shop and start wearing it.

Updated Date: 14 March 2019, 01:02

Recep Karaca

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