The bus will transport almost 10 million passengers this August in Spain

MADRID, 31 Jul.

The bus will transport almost 10 million passengers this August in Spain


The bus transport sector will move nearly 10 million passengers this coming month of August, which represents a share of almost 46% compared to other means of public transport such as planes (27%), trains (26 %) or the ship (1%).

According to the Spanish Confederation of Bus Transport (Confebús), only during this second Operation Exit of the summer, which started last Friday, July 28, and will end this Tuesday, August 1, the reinforcement of the bus companies has reached 40% of their services.

In addition, record numbers of travelers are expected this summer, both due to good tourism prospects and public transport promotion policies, especially discounts for young people of 90% on bus tickets to travel throughout the national territory.

The employers' association of the sector defends in a statement that this means of transport connects more than 8,000 population centers and is one of the "safest, most economical and demanded, as well as less polluting" ways of traveling.

"It guarantees mobility universally, with more than 3,100 million travelers a year, reaching all corners of our country. It is the only way in which the no-ticket sign does not exist," said the president of Confebús , Raphael Barbadillo.

Compared to private vehicles, buses have a lower carbon footprint per transported passenger and reduce polluting gas emissions, being the most efficient mode of transport as it generates fewer negative externalities. By transporting a greater number of people, the number of cars on the roads decreases, safety improves, fluidity improves, and it also reduces travel times and the stress associated with traffic jams.

Another relevant aspect highlighted by the employer is the ability of the bus to adapt to the new demands and needs of travelers, since most bus companies offer Wi-Fi services on board, chargers for mobile devices or touch screens with an offer of entertainment, among others.